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6 Easiest Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Nowadays Social Media becomes a platform to promote a business and to get targeted customers. Through social media networks, now every business is reaching to their customers easily. Face book is one of the most popular social media network across the world. Every small and big business is targeting Facebook to get their customers and to promote their products online.

Creating brand page, Facebook ads and company’s account are the ways to connect with peoples on Facebook. Creating a brand page on Facebook page isn’t enough to get your customers from Facebook. You need to promote your page and increase likes from your targeted audience, in order to get the best possible results for your business.
Getting likes on Facebook page isn’t easy work, but also not that much hard to get. You need to follow some techniques to get the right audience for your Facebook Page. Here are some tips for “How to get more Facebook likes”. You can try to increase the no. of likes for your brand Facebook Page. 🙂

Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook Page


Invite Friends to Like Your Page

One of the most common ways to increase your Facebook page likes is invite your friends to like your page. And suggest your page to friends. You can invite friends through your personal Facebook account. You can also post page in your timeline, to share with your friends.

Post Quality and Interesting Content

Posting quality and interesting content on your page give your business’s detailed information to your new users. Only post relevant content on your page and try to avoid irrelevant content posts. Post of Facebook must be in combination of text & image and if you have videos that will be great. Videos are the best content for Facebook post.

Be Active on Pour Page

You must be active on your social media account. Post content regularly. How much content you have on your page? And how regularly you are updating your content on your pages are important for new users on your page. A well managed page can make a good impression on your page visitors. Every new visitor on your page will look for the quality of content and for information that will be useful for them. Try to reply all the comments, reviews and messages that your customers have posted on your Facebook page. Make them feel that their reviews or comments are very important for you.

Share Your Page on Other Platforms

In order to get likes for your Facebook page, share your page on other social media platforms as well. Share page on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc accounts to get more likes from these social networks. You can use your Facebook page link in your E-mail signature and in videos. Share page with your personal social media accounts. Make sure to use your Facebook page link everywhere where you are connecting with your customers and promoting your product online.

Share Facebook Page on Website

Sharing your Social Media accounts details or links on website is one of the best ways to let your visitors to connect with you on social networks. Try to put social networks links on header, footer and on sidebars. You can use Social Media plugins to show your social media networks updates on websites. There are many social media plugins that will help you to add social media accounts on website easily.

Facebook Ads

There are paid advertisement available too. To get Facebook likes from your targeted audience. You can promote your page for getting likes, can promote a post to let people know about your business or product and can promote your website to get traffic for site. Promoting your Facebook page for getting likes is an easy process just to make an ad that people will see. And then set a budget for your ad, pay the amount and your ad will be running. No. of like you will get is depends on your budget. The bigger budget you set the more like you will get. All likes you will get will be the real one and from people how are interested in your business or products.
These were only some ways of Getting more likes for Facebook brand page. There are many other as well. I have shared which I am using and found valuable for me. If you have any other way that can increase the amount of like on Facebook page, please share with us. Please give feedback in the comments below. Have fun & Keep smiling 🙂


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