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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting Plan

Last week, I met with some of my friends who are new in blogging and they have asked me a question. The question was “Which is the best Web Hosting Service Providers online and which are the things that they should consider before buying a webhosting plan for their website? “ I felt that I should write an article about it. And here I am sharing some key points that I think you should consider before buying a web hosting plan.
There are some important features that I think your web hosting provider should have:


Storage space is something that I think we should give the priority. As blogger we have to be regular in uploading content on our blog so it’s important for bloggers to have a good amount of storage space for your website. This will allow us to upload content and images freely on our website. If you have a static website with 10 to 20 pages then storage will not become a big issue. But yes if you are a blogger and have a website where you update content (text, images and videos) daily then you should look for website hosting plan with unlimited storage space.


I personally think that getting website hosting from a well known hosting services provider will be good. Because hosting plans of these hosting companies are almost same but it’s the services quality that matter in the end. I prefer a company that provides good services over the cost of their services. Sometimes it happens that your website went down and shows error like “Server down etc”. This kind of error occurs because of your web hosting providers. And no one wants to let their website go down because of server problem. That’s why I recommend going with trusted hosting companies.

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Bandwidth is something that describes your website traffic level and allow you to transfer data within your website. How much maximum traffic you can get and how much data you can transfer on your website it depends on you web hosting bandwidth, so keep bandwidth in mind as an important factor for your site.


For business websites numbers of Emails matter but for bloggers emails aren’t important factor for selecting a website hosting plan. For bloggers 5 to 10 mails are sufficient and all hosting companies provides minimum 10 Email account with their starting plans. But if you are looking for getting your business website hosted then you must check out the number of email accounts that hosting company is providing for you.

Web Hosting


User Interface

Every hosting company tries to make their website’s navigation system as simple as they can for better user experience. So that users can easily access their account and web hosting.

cPanel Access

cPanel is the most important part this is where you can get access of all your website files. You can find out your all website code files under cPanel of your hosting account. To make any changes in your website you have to update your coding files to your cPanel. Only after that the changes will be shown on your site.


I have listed cost at the last in this list. Because I think we don’t have to compromise with the thinks that I have listed above like storage space, service quality etc. There isn’t major difference between the costs of web hosting plans of Web Hosting companies.

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