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Add Sticky Notification Bar in WordPress – Best WP Notification Bar

Sticky Notification bar is really effective for promoting deals/offers on your blog.
I personally feel that Notification bar is better than pop-ups. Because pop-ups sometimes become irritating for users and on other hand notification bars will be showing on top or at the bottom of site.
I think having notification bar is more useful from user point of view than pop-ups. What you say?
Adding a sticky notification bar on the top or at the bottom of your website is really easy in wordpress websites.
There are many wordpress notification bar plugins available for free and paid both. For free plugins you can just search for notification bar plugin on in result you will get lots of useful and productive plugins with great features too.

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How to Add Sticky Notification Bar in WordPress?

WP Front notification bar plugin wordpress
WP front notification bar setup
Top Sticky Notification bar in wordpress

Now this is very simple process, you have to install & activate the plugin that you want to use.
I am using WP Front Notification plugin here.
Once plugin is installed and activated on site then navigate to plugin dashboard and setup plugin setting like you want it to work on site.

After setting up all the setting for plugin save it and view site to check if it’s working fine or need any changes.

Features: WP Front Notification Bar

If you are going to use the same plugin that I have used then check out some of the key features that this plugin provides. Most of the WordPress Notification bar plugins has similar features too.

  • Display a message with a button (optional).
  • Processes shortcodes.
  • Button will open a URL or execute JavaScript.
  • Position the bar on top or bottom.
  • Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar).
  • Display on Scroll option.
  • Set any height you want.
  • Set the number of seconds before the bar appears.
  • Display a close button for the visitor.
  • Set the number of seconds before auto close.
  • Colors are fully customizable.
  • Display a Reopen Button.
  • Select the pages/posts you want to display the notification.
  • Select the user roles you want to display the notification.
  • Set Start and End dates.

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Hope this will help you 🙂 let me know your feedback and suggestions through comments. I’ll love to know your thoughts.

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