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What you should do and Don’t before apply for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best online advertising company, which has a wide range of advertisers and publishers. When we talk about Google Adsense some questions come in our mind, especially when blogging and adsense are new for us. Questions like; How I can earn money from my blog? How to use Google Adsense? How much adsense will pay me? And How to get Adsense approval?
First we will talk about “How we can earn money with our blogs?” There are many online advertisers, who dose online marketing to promote their businesses online by running text, image and video advertisements. Online advertising agencies like Google adsense help them to run their advertisements on different blogs and websites.

What Google Adsense does?

Google Adsense has a wide range of advertisers and publishers. Advertisers give money to Google Adsense for running their ads online. And publishes are the blogger like us who tie up with online advertising agencies like Google Adsense to show ads on blogs to make an earning form it. Once our blog get approval from Google Adsense we can show ads on our blog by just putting some code on to our blog. Every time when visitor will click on those ads you will be paid by adsense. You will also get paid for every thousand impression of ads on blog. It’s more like selling our blog traffic.

DOs and DON’Ts before apply for Google adsense:

Every blog and website owner who wants to apply for Google adsense must follow adsense policies. If you don’t follow adsense polices you will not get the approval for your blog to use adsense on that. There are some important thinks that you must keep in mind before applying for adsense. Thinks which you have to do and don’t.


  • You must have original and unique content on your blog. It’s the most important police of adsense. If a blog have duplicate content and copyright content Google Adsense will not approve that blog for adsense.
  • Must have About us, Privacy Police and Contact us pages on your blog. About us page you have to tell your reader/visitor about yourself. Who you are? And What you offer or deal? Same thing in privacy police page, you must tell your reader that how you are going to use your users data. Like if you are collecting reader’s mail, name etc for newsletters purpose.
  • Your blog and websites should have simple navigation throughout your blog, so that visitor can easily navigate on your blog. This was the reason why my blog got disapproved twice. Please make sure that you have simple navigation system on your blog to get easily approval from adsense.
  • Your blog should be six months old (specifically if you are form India and from any other Asian country).
  • As a publisher you must have a decent amount of content. Still there isn’t any fixed amount by adsense but it will help you if you have at least 30 to 40 blog post.



  • Don’t try to use copied/duplicate content on your blog. If you have duplicate content on your blog then just remove that content before applying for adsense.
  • Don’t use adult content – Google adsense don’t allow to show ads on adult content and on blogs that show adult content.
  • Also you can’t use adsense on gambling sites or content and blog or website that are related to gambling.


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