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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

If you are a blogger and want to earn money from your blog you have to tie up with an online advertising company to show ads on your blog. These ads can help you to make some money from your blog. Every click and ad impression made by your visitor will help you to earn money. I can’t say how much you will earn by showing ads on your website? But yes, if you have a good amount of traffic on your website then it will surely help you. The more traffic you have, the more you will earn. There are many Online advertising companies that can help you to do so. Most trusted and popular advertising company is Google Adsense.
If you are new in blogging and looking for best online advertising agency, I’ll recommend Google Adsense. It’s the best and ads quality is awesome. The best thing is that it shows ads based on your content. And on other hand most of the other advertising companies’ don’t show ads on content based. But getting started with adsense isn’t easy. Adsense have strong Team and conditions that every publisher should follow. And getting approval isn’t easy process.
I have written a blog post about “ What you should do and do not before applying for Adsense?” you can check out this post for reference.

Also if you have got the approval from adsense, still they can disable your account if you don’t follow their Term and Conditions. It happened to me. My adsense account got disabled, because I did some silly things to increase my adsense revenue 😉

And if the same thing happened to you, don’t worry. You can still make money with Google Adsense Alternatives. As I earlier said that there are many advertising companies, so you can check out them. I have listed here 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives which I think are the best alternatives for adsense.

Google Adsense Alternatives:  Advertising Network -Google Adsenes Alternatives | Thakur BloggerIt’s the best alternatives for adsense right now. is a part of Bing and Yahoo contextual advertising network. One thing about advertising network which can make you worry is its website approval condition. will only approve your website if you have majority of you traffic from US, Canada and UK. So if you are a blogger, and most of the traffic on your website is from India or from Asian countries. Then you will not get approval from easily.
Signup for and start monetizing your website.


Infolink advertising network - Thakur BloggerThe second best adsense alternative is Infolinks. It’s a global advertising network that helps both publishers and advertisers to run their ads. If you are a blogger or have a website then monetizing your website with Infolinks can give you a way to earn money. Using Infolinks as a publisher is easy and also website approval process is easy. You can get approval easily with Infolinks.
Check out Infolinks review here
Infolinks advertising network will give you opportunity to make money with every ad click and view made by user on your blog or website. Setting up Infolinks ads on your website isn’t like adsense. You don’t need to put any code on your website. Just create an account then add your website. Once your website is approved select ad types you wants to show on your website and Infolinks will show ads on your website in the format you have chosen.

There are many formats of ads that you can use. Most common and used formats or types are; InFold, InTag, InText and InScreen. You can choose any of these formats or two or more at same time.
Create your first free Infolinks account here and make money with Infolinks.


BidAdvertiser Advertising Network - Thakur BloggerIt’s another advertising network and Google Adsense alternatives that allows you to monetize your website. BidVertiser don’t have hard term and conditions for website approval, so if you are a beginner and wants to monetize your website. You can try out BidVertiser. Its ads are good in comparison on most of the advertising networks. And also easy to add ad codes to website.

It provides all basic ad formats like rectangle box, skyscraper, leader board and other ad formats that adsense provides. BidVertiser’s minimum pay out amount is 10$ and payments will be transferred to your PayPal account on the last day of the month.
Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.
Check out BidVertiser ads, create a free account on BidVertiser.


Chitika Advertising Network - Thakur BloggerBest CPC based advertising network which can help online ad publishers to increase their earning with Chitika ad network. I have used Chitika ads for quite some time now. One thing which I found interesting about Chitika ads is that it doesn’t require website approval. It means any one can use chitika ads to show ads on their website. It doesn’t matter how old your domain is and doesn’t matter how much traffic your website have.

I have written a Review on Chtika Ads, you can check out that for more info about chitika ads. We can use Chitika ads everywhere on our website where we want. We can directly copy the ad code and add that to the website. Or if you are managing your website on wordpress, so you can use wordpress plugin for placing chitika ads.
Create your account on Chitika and give a try to it.


VigLink advertising network - Adsense Alternatives | Thakur BloggerIt’s a different advertising network than advertising mentioned above. Viglink is better advertising network for those bloggers how have linking out to other businesses or e-commerce websites. VigLink is best for those who write reviews of products, and if you are one of those then you must try out VigLink once.
It just simply creates links on your text for advertiser website. Like if you have mentioned a product (let me take iPAD for instance) then VigLink will create out bound link from your content to advertiser website. And when someone will navigate through that link or click on that link you will get paid.
Let’s give a try to VigLink and create your account with VigLink.

Propaller Ads

Propellar ads | Google Adsense alternativesIt’s one of those adsense alternatives which are easy to setup and quick in approving publishers or websites. There is already more than 100K active websites in their network and delivering more than 650M ad impressions daily with 6000+ publishers.


To sign up for propeller publisher account you don’t need huge amount of traffic on your website. You can monetize your brand new website with propeller ad network.
Here are some key points about propeller ad network that you will love to know:

  • Traffic volume doesn’t matter to get website approval
  • Compatible with other ad networks
  • High quality ad designs
  • Better CPM & CPC
  • Payment methods are – Bank Transfer, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney

Signup for Propaller Ads here

Revenuehits Ads

Revenuehits ads | Google Adsense alternativesRevenuehits will surely help you in increasing your website earning it offers various ad banner sizes & formats. You can easily customize ad layout and can also optimize what kind of ads you want to show on your website. By optimizing ads, ad network will only show ads that you want to show to visitors and by doing so you have increased the chances of getting more ad clicks on website which means you will earn more than you were earning before.
You can use its referral program to make more money by referring advertisers & publishers to this network. To do so go to your account, find you referral URL and share that with your blog subscribers and on your website (display referral ad banners or write review about ad network).
Signup for Revenuehits here


AdsOptimal  | Google Adsense alternativesAdsOptimal give you $15 for using their ad network. You will get $10 once you done with account activation and $5 when you upgrade your account to premium account.
Adsoptimal advertising network is becoming one of the best google adsense network now days. So if you are looking for an alternative than you should give it a try.
Creating ad unit and placing ad code into your website is simple. You get all information in dashboard regarding your ad reports, earning, existing ad, create new ad and referrals.
You can withdraw minimum $50 with Paypal and need maximum $5000 to withdraw with wire transfer.
Signup here for AdsOptimal.

Adtall Ads

Ad Tall  | Google Adsense alternativesAdtall helps you monetize your website traffic by placing our ad codes in visible locations on your website. Their system ensures that ads from highest bidders are rendered on your websites, thereby assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.
Adtall adcode is available as a simple one line html code for displaying Banner, Interstitial or Text Ads. We render ads in a variety of formats and sizes with banner and/or text ads. Adtall system supports all industry standard banner dimensions.
Signup here for Adtall Ads

Ad Cash

AdCash Ads | Google Adsense alternativesMaximize your revenue, by displaying only the most relevant ads for your audience.
AdCash bring you anti adblock solution which will be included to your account for free. This will help you to bypasses adblockers at a success rate of 98%.
AdCash offers ad formats that suit your needs. From premium ad units, like pop-under, interstitial and in-stream video to standard display.
Signup here for Adcash.

Some Other Alternatives

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