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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

There are a large number of Google chrome extensions available for teachers and the students. The Google chrome extensions for the students have been provided in order to help them improve their writing and stay focused and determined in their work.
The best 5 Google Chrome Extensions are listed below-

Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow Google Chrome Extensions for studentsFormerly called Strict Pomodoro, It is the technique of creating a major focus on the writing. Here, the students need to focus exclusively on the task going one for a set length of a time duration which is usually around 25 minutes.
After this, they can take a break of 25 minutes. In this way, the students are able to complete their tasks very easily.
There are a lot of things which are available on the application and this helps the students in completing their school or college work with efficiency. There are a lot of disturbing elements available on the internet which adds more discrepancies to the tasks.
So, the students can easily blacklist those websites in order to work for those 25 minutes effectively and efficiently in the best possible way. The 25 minutes work session will not be disrupted by the sites appearing on the screen and the students have the option of looking at those advertisements during the five minute break. This is very essential as it doesn’t distract the students and helps them to stay focused towards their task.
This Google chrome extension has helped a lot of students to stay focused towards their task. A lot of students are focusing on the tasks in order to maintain the completed tasks in a row. This has helped a lot of students in overcoming the discrepancy of pending work.
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Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary Best Google chrome extensionsWhile doing the homework and the assignments, there are many things to be researched. At this point of time, the Google Dictionary comes to the rescue of the students, as there are a large number of encounters which are to be faced by the students while working on the research papers and other assignments.
These obstacles are solved with the help of a Google Dictionary as it helps in providing a better view to the students by providing all the answers to the difficult words with meanings and sentences. Every time a word pops up into your mind or you come across a word which is difficult to understand, this will help you in the best possible way. The unfamiliar terms will become familiar once you work with the help of Google dictionary.
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EasyBib Browser Extension for StudentsIf you are into writing a lot of research papers for university/college or other purpose, then this tool is apt for you. This extension will help you by providing a reference to the topic you are already working on. There are various reference pages which will pop up for your help when writing a paper.
You will just have to click the button the browser to find the relevant information on. The students just need to click on the button and follow the prompt in order to use the citation available on the reference page. There are a lot of references which are available on the internet.
So, instead of finding the ones on their own, the students will get an alternative suggestion for the references which will fulfill the content matter of the students. This becomes easy when the students are writing the research papers and making assignments.
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Many of us might have difficulty dealing with the grammar rules. This limits the scope of writing and the students might feel very low confidence while completing the tasks assigned to them. In this case, the grammarly extension will help you get rid of all the problems.
grammarly web extension for students
There are various tools on the extension which helps you correct your grammar easily. This is for the people who are not so sure about their grammar. English will become your first language with Grammarly at your doorsteps. This extension will provide the students with all the proper rules and make the content error free at one go. The window will bring up the grammar mistakes with the options to choose the correct answer.
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Thesaurus Best browser extensions for studentsThis extension is for the ones who are used to finding synonyms for their documents. The content might look monotonous due to the repetitive words; in that case the students can use this extension to avoid repetition.
This will help the students in finding the most appropriate words for their content. On highlighting the word and right clicking on it can take the student to the synonym page where you will find ample of synonyms for the word you wish to use.
The alternative suggestions will help you find the right word for your content. A large number of people take help of the extension in their daily usage.
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