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6 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Website Content Optimization

Nowadays most of the websites are building with WordPress CMS because it’s really simple Content Management System. WordPress allow us to build high quality website with responsive design. WordPress made this really easy for non-technical persons to create their personal, e-commerce, professional, portfolio, business websites etc.

Plugins are most important part of WordPress that allow us to modify or customize our website for our requirement. In this post I will discuss about best SEO plugin for wordpress. Now wordpress have all new website templates are SEO optimized and can help you to improve your website for driving traffic and getting higher ranking on search Engines.

WordPress SEO plugin help you to optimize your web content for Search Engines and improve website quality.

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There are many free SEO plugin for wordpress that allow you to optimize your website for improving website ranking on search engines. Here in this post I have shared top 6 SEO plugin for wordpress.


SEO Plugin for WordPress website optimization


SEO Yoast

Every blogger know this plugin SEO Yoast and most of the bloggers recommend this plugin to newbie for web content optimization. This is the most popular plugin for optimizing website content on wordpress. SEO Yoast is a complete SEO plugin which allow you to optimize your web content for Search Engines.

This plugin will add a section below your editing section of wordpress. You can optimize your content same time while you are adding content to your site. SEO yoast plugin will show you the SEO quality of your post at the same time and also suggest you changes to make your meta tags more powerful.

SEO yoast - Free wordpress SEO plugin - Thakur Blogger
You can setup your website’s sitemap with some easy steps within minutes. Also allow you to attach your social networking account and web analytics account with website.

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SEO by Squirrly

This is a plugin that helps you to write search engine and human friendly content. It’s a recommended SEO plugin by some of the top content marketing experts for getting higher rankings on search engines and delivering high quality content to users or readers.

SEO by Squirrly wordpress SEO plugin - Thakur Blogger
This plugin has a similar feature like SEO Yoast, where it shows you the quality of your content at the same time. When you add content to your website plugin will show the ratting for that in the form of red, orange and green buttons. Red button means bad content quality, orange means ok (not bad – not good) and green button means good content quality.

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WP On-Page SEO

WP On page SEO plugin for wordpress - Thakur BloggerWP on page SEO is a plugin that improve your web pages ranking on search engines and help you to write good quality content. For ranking web pages on first page of Google On page optimization is the key and this plugin help you to do that with ease. It’s on you which keywords you are going to use in your content but if you choose keywords wisely and place them in content with good density this will defiantly rank your web pages higher.

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SEO Wizard

It’s another tool for content optimization in wordpress website. SEO Wizard allows you to do all those optimization that other popular wordpress SEO plugin allow you to do. Plugin help you to write better content, meta tags titles, description, URL and other on page techniques.

SEO plugin for WordPress - SEO wizard - Thakur Blogger
SEO Wizard helps you to edit htaccess and robots.txt files. Also help in verifying website on Google and Bing webmaster.

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SEO Ultimate

SEO ultimate is a perfect solution for webmasters for optimizing website content and getting higher positions on search engines result page. It allow you to edit all on page meta tags (title, description, keywords etc).

SEO ultimate plugin - SEO ultimate plugin -Thaur Blogger
SEO Ultimate has some unique key features that most of other plugin don’t. you can easily rewrite meta tags and can write the title and description tags for post, pages, categories, archives, tags, search results and for attachments.

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SEO WordPress

It’s a powerful SEO plugin for wordpress content optimization by Mervin Praison with many useful features. Plugin allow you all basic optimization title, description and keyword optimization. Google and Bing webmaster verification within few minutes. Advanced SEO settings like XML sitemap submission, no follow, no index setting, dates no follow settings and many more.

SEO wordpress plugin for content optimization - Thakur Blogger
The setup process is almost same for all the plugins that are listed in this post. Download or search in wordpress then install and activate. After activation you need to setup the plugin according to your requirements.

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It’s up to you which plugin you use but the main and most important thing according to me is that how you define you meta tags and other SEO techniques in to your web content. Plugins are just a medium to implement you skills to make your content rank higher on Google search engine. Choose a plugin with that you are comfortable. I am using SEO Yoast on this blog. It’s really simple and I like to work on it.

If you are using any other SEO plugin for your wordpress website that I haven’t added in this list please let me know and share you experience with us in the comment section below. 🙂

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