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Blog Post Formatting and Layout Guidance for beginners

There are lots of blogs available on Internet that can help you in different aspect. But some of them are very popular and some aren’t. The reason that I think is their presentation of blog post and the way they explain things. Everyone has their own way of explaining thing and there aren’t any protocols for bloggers to follow. But bloggers can make their blog posts layout attractive and easy to read for their audience. That what some of the top most popular bloggers are doing.
Like newspapers, they display their headlines in bigger and bold text to make them eye-catching.
In this post I am going to share some tips with that can help you to make required changes in your blog. There aren’t any golden roles that you should follow but yes there are some key points or blog post formats that you can use to make your blog post looks beautiful.

Use Heading Tags Properly

Your headings are the first things that visitor notice. User can get an idea about the paragraph text so if user will like the heading he/she will defiantly read the text under that heading. But if user doesn’t found any heading on your blog then the chances of bouncing back will increase, because no one like to read plain text.

Make Important Text Bold / Italic / Underline

Making text bold or italic or underline help you to get user attention on the important text of the paragraph. And also make your text more attractive and interesting to read. Proper text formatting helps user to scan your article text easily.
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Use Images And Info Graphics

Blog post formatting - Images and info graphics - Thakur BloggerWe all know the importance of images and info graphics in a blog post. Images make our article more attractive and info graphics helps us in explaining things in simplest way to our blog readers.

Text Listing

Blog post formatting - list down key points - Thakur BloggerTry to write down your key point in proper listing. This will help readers to find out what they are looking for and will make your article easy to scan.

Short Paragraphs

Make your paragraphs short and to the point, don’t complicate your audience by writing long paragraphs. A short paragraph with to the point information makes much better. Readers loves to read short paragraphs that contains things they are looking for.

Text Font Family And Size

Choose a font family and size that will be readable to your audience on every device (computer/mobile). Don’t use too big or small text size for your blog post. Just try to make it perfect for your audience.

Reference Videos

Blog post formatting - Add reference videos to the blog post - Thakur BloggerUsing reference videos for explaining things can do the trick for you. It’s the treading fashion in blogging.

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