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Chitika Ads Review – How to add Chitika ads on websites?

When we think or talk about making money online with blogs and websites, then Online Advertising Networks are major sources we look at. There are many Advertising Networks which you can use for your websites and blogs to make a decent amount of money. If I have to choose the best Advertising Network for my website then it will be defiantly Google Adsense. Adsense is the best advertising network, but its policies or Term & Conditions are very strict. You can’t get website approval easily to use Adsense for your website. To get Adsense approval your website should have a fair amount of content, beautiful design and enough traffic. You can also check out my blog post “Do’s and Don’ts before applying for Google Adsense” for more help to get approval from Adsense.
In this post I am going to tell you about Chitika Advertising Network. Chitika is the second best online advertising network and one of the best Google Adsense Alternative right now. It’s similar to Google Adsense help you make money with your websites and blogs. You can show ads on your website with Chitika Advertising Network. I am using Chitika Ads on my blog. Chitika ads aren’t content based like Google Adsense is, it show ads depending visitors search history.
You can apply for Chitika Advertising Network here and create your account for free.

What’s Chitika Ads?

As I have already said that Chitika is an Online Advertising Network which allows you to show ads on your websites. It has more than 350,000+ publishers’ around the world. And Chitika has top advertising partners like Yahoo, Super Media and Home Advisor. Like Google Adsense, Chitika Ads pay you Per Click made by visitors on the ads.


What’s good about Chitika Ads?

I am using Chitika Ads on my blog, and I can say that it’s one of the best alternatives for Google Adsense. There are some key points that I found interesting and helpful on Chitika Advertising Network.
Website Approval Not Required
You don’t have to worry about getting website approval when it comes to Chitika Ads. Right after creating an account on Chitika you can show their ads directly on your website. No wait for getting approval, which I think is the best thing about using Chitika Advertising Network.
Single Account Multiple Websites
The second interesting thing about Chitika is that you can place or add Chitika ads on multiple websites with a single account, and without even adding your website to your Chitika account.
10$ Minimum Withdraw
You can withdraw your payment from Chitika when it will cross or reach up to 10$.
Payment through PayPal
Chitika allows you to get your payment through PayPal. You have to add your PayPal account to Chitika. After that, every month your payment will automatically transfer to your PayPal account.

How to put Chitika Ads on your website?

Putting Chitika Ads on your website is similar like Google Adsense. First, you need to login to your account and then go to the Ads section. From your ad section you can Get Codes of ads that you want to show on your website (Rectangle ad, Leader board, Sky Scraper and many more). And then put that code where you want to show that ad. Chitika Advertising Network doesn’t provide you the ad verity like Google Adsense dose. But yes, it provides the all basic ad designs that Adsense does provide. You can customize ad according to your choice (like changing the text font and ad color).
Please check out the images below to get an idea how Chitika Ads will look? | How to customize Chitika Ads?
Chitika ads review - How to add chitika ads to website | Thakur Blogger

How to customize Chitika Ads | Thakur Blogger

Things which you will not like about Chitika Ads

Earning per click is low
I am using Chitika Advertising Network since for 3 months and till now I have experienced that its Earning Per Click is lower than other online advertising networks.
Only Pay you Per Click
I think paying per click is its second biggest disadvantage. Chitika only pays publishers if the visitor has made any click on ads. It doesn’t pay you for ad impressions like Google Adsense do.
Search based ads
Your visitor can see ads related to his/her search history not on your content based. Which I think is a disadvantage. Like if I have content relevant ads to my website then possibilities of click will increase and will decrease if I have irrelevant ads showing up there.
I will not recommend that you should focus on Chitika Ads, but yes, if you are not getting approval from other Advertising Networks then you can give try to Chitika. It’s a good alternative advertising network mostly because it doesn’t require website approval. And how much you can earn? It’s up to you. You can earn more by placing ads above the fold and somewhere between your content will increase the chances of getting more ad clicks on your website.

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