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How to create Free Privacy Policy for blog with privacy policy generator?

Having a Privacy Policy for blog is important.The Privacy Policy page tells your visitor, how you are going to use or how you use your visitors information that you collect on your website. If you are a blogger, you must have heard about the importance of privacy policy page. As blogger when we try to apply for Google Adsense then it’s necessary to have a privacy policy for blog. I have already had written a blog post about “What you should do and don’t before applying for Google Adsense”.

What is a Privacy Policy?

If I tell you in simple words, a privacy policy is just a simple text document on your website or blog. That tells your visitors how you use their information and will use in future. Information that you collect from your website or blog in the form of email addresses for a newsletter, tracking visitor behavior with Google Analytics and if you accepts online payments (Like PayPal or credit cards) and other details of a visitor that we collect to observe their behavior on our website.

Why Privacy Policy for blog is important?

It’s important to make better electronic environment on the Internet. If you have a privacy policy page on your website then visitor can easily access your site without any risk and doubt.
If you have business website then Laws / legislation may pertain to your business.
By letting people know what info is collected and what is done with that information, you can create a transparent environment in which people / consumers are more confident. You can eliminate stress and concerns about abuse of personal info.
Various legislations and legal guidelines, for example, in the US and in the UK, are being developed and may affect your website, depending on what information you collect, how you do it, and what you do with it. The European Union has developed similar guidelines that contain a bit too much legal rhetoric to be completely useful.

How to write a Privacy Policy for blog and business website?

If you have never written a privacy policy for blog before or If you don’t know how to write, what you have to write in a privacy page?. Don’t worry then. There are many Online tools which can generate a privacy policy page for your business website and also for your blog. These online privacy policy generators ask some basic details about your business and generate a Privacy policy page for you within minutes.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can generators privacy policy online with tool. It’s really simple, Go to and sign up to create an account there.
Verify your mail and login to your account.
Then login there and click on “Create policy” button to start making your privacy policy page.
It will ask you for some basic details about your business and after submitting all details it will generate a privacy policy page for you. You can copy simple Plain text, HTML code and Embed Instructions. Just add this text to your privacy policy page. To create Privacy policy for blog and website visit
Please check the image below for the demonstration how to create your privacy policy page with
Create Privacy Policy for blog with privacy policy generator | Thakur Blogger
Thanks for reading this article, hope this helps you. Please post your suggestions and reviews in the comment section below. Have fun & keep smiling 🙂

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