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DesignEVO Free Logo Maker Tool

Creating a logo for business or blog is creative and important task.
But hiring a logo designer can be costly or out of budget for startups and newbie bloggers.
Here is an alternative for all of those, who can’t afford to hire professional logo designer. The alternative is Online Logo Maker Tools. Yes, online logo maker tools can help you with this issue.
It this article, I am going to review a tool that allows you to create logo for free. This tool is really cool and simple to use, you don’t even need to create an account.
No Sign Up. Totally Free Tool.

DesignEVO Free Logo Maker Tool

DesignEVO Free Logo Maker Tool Online
DesignEVO is an online tool that helps you create beautiful logo for totally free of cost.
It has 3000+ amazing logo designs for almost every business categories that include music, technology, photography, sports, movie, shopping, food etc.
I’ll be explaining How to create or customize your logo with DesignEVO logo maker tool in this post latter. But first let me tell, how this tool can help you save money & time?

How DesignEVO Can Help You Save Money & Time?

This is obvious that you are going to save money because it is a free tool so you are not going to pay anyone. On the other hand if you hire a logo designer then you have to pay him as well.
Other think is that you will also save time by using DesignEVO logo maker tool. As I already told you that there are 3000+ logo designs so if you use pre-designed logos and customize them. This will defiantly save your time.

What DesignEVO Offers?

DesignEVO professional logo designs free3000+ Logo Designs
There are 3000+ logo designs to choose from when you are creating your first logo with DesignEVO. All the logos are designed to a specific category or you can say for a specific group of businesses.
Fonts and Icons
You get icons designs and 100+ beautiful fonts to use for your logo.
Logo Customization
All the logos that you get are fully customizable. You can modify theme by changing color, font, size & icon.

How It Works?

Ok then here are the steps you need to follow to create a logo for free with DesignEVO logo maker tool. It’s simple.

Select Logo Template

DesignEVO DashboardChoose a logo template that you like and that suits your business. If you find it difficult to find relevant logo design, try searching by related category. For instance, if you want to create logo for your food blog then search trams like food, blog etc. Or choose specific category that will help too.

Or Create Custom Template

DesignEVO create logo online freeI am sure that you will find a suitable logo design there for your business but in case you don’t find any related or suitable design then you can create your own custom logo. Just go to the dashboard and start creating one.

Add Vector, Icons & Shapes

DesignEVO - Custom logo step 1Now this part is important where you have to choose icon for your logo. While selecting a vector, shape or icon, make sure it convey your business or idea to people.

Add Text to Logo

DesignEVO - Custom logo step 3After adding icon to your logo now add text to it. Mostly it is your company’s name. Placing text in bottom or right to logo icon is the best way. Also there is 100+ fonts for you select a beautiful and readable font for company name.

Play with Color Combination

When you see logos of top companies there is a combination of mostly 2 colors in their logos. It will be great if you can settle with two color combination too.

Final Touch

Before finalizing your newly created logo check your logo alignment, text placement, font, colors & preview logo design.
DesignEVO - Custom logo step 3 previewAnother really cool feature of DesignEVO tool is its preview style. You can see how you logo will look on Visiting Card, Website, Letterhead, Office Wall and T-shirt.
If you think logo need more customization then do that 😉
And if looks all good then congratulations you can download you logo now for free without creating an account and adding your e-mail.

Check out video – How it Works?

Hope you like reading this article. I would love to get your feedback on DesignEVO Free Logo Maker Tool 🙂

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