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Get Rid of Irritating 404 Page – Edit 404 Error Page in WordPress

404 Page Not Found is really important page of our blog and website. We need to understand the importance of this page.
Most of the newbie blogger don’t customize 404 error page of their blog in starting and I too was one of them 😉
But seriously we need to customize 404 error page because whenever someone land on 404 page there should be enough information or stuff for user to navigate to other pages.
Or otherwise visitors will directly go back from your blog and will never come back to your blog again.
If you are using wordpress CMS then you can see there the default 404 Error Page template.
But most of the times that’s not enough, like on my blog I too had a default 404 page the problem with the page was that there was just a single GO BACK TO HOMEPAGE button nothing else 🙁 If your 404 Error Page template is too damp and simple then you need to do something to make this one of the best pages of your blog.

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404 Page Not Found

You can see the image below this was the default inbuilt 404 error page template on my blog.

And this wasn’t enough to keep visitor on blog for long time. Most of the visitors were going back immediately after landing on this page.
So I decided to customize “ 404 Page Not Found Page” template for my blog.


How to Edit 404 Error Page in WordPress?

Here is what I did to edit 404 error page for my blog, I searched for a plugin that can help me in customizing this 404 page easily.
404 page – your smart custom 404 error page – this is the plugin that I found on wordpress. This is really simple & easy plugin to use you don’t need to write codes or don’t need make changes in php files.
All you need to do is just create a page for 404 error page and add text or message that you think should be there. By message I mean you have to tell the visitor that he/she have landed on wrong page or page that they are looking for isn’t there now.

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You can try out different styles to make this page interesting and attractive. Try your creativity here 😉

How to Customize 404 Error Page in WordPress with plugin?

default 404 page

I am using ” 404page – your smart custom 404 error page” for customize 404 page download plugin here its free or search for this plugin on
Install & activate plugin on your wordpress account.
When you will navigate to the plugin dashboard you will see that this plugin allow you to select a page that you want to show instead of default 404 Page Not Found.
Create a separate page for this include stuff that you want to show there on 404 error page and also make sure to add sidebar on this page so that visitors can see Recent Posts or stuff that you are showing in sidebars.
For this specific page you can also choose different layout format from Format Tab in wordpress page editing section.
Ok now if you are ready with new 404 page template then now navigate to the plugin dashboard and select the page that you have just created and save the settings. That’s it 🙂
To check this if its working or not add random text in url field after main domain ( and visit this page. This should land you on your newly create Custom 404 Error Page.
If not check if you have selected the correct page in plugin and also check the page you have created.
Take a look here at 404 page template before and after.

I will not say that this is the best 404 Error Landing page but surly better then the default one 😉 What you say?

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Check Video Tutorial Here for Help



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Hope this will help you to edit 404 error page for your blog on wordpress. If you have any more questions regarding this please feel free to post them in the comments below. I will love to sort out your problems 😉

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