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Tricks That Help You to Find Best Keywords for Blog

Using keywords which are the best for our blog post is an important task for a blogger. As a blogger it’s important to get your targeted audience for your blog for search engines and to get higher position in search results.
In this post below I have shared the ways that can help you to find best keywords for your blog, SEO and website content. But before diving into that we need to understand;
Why using best keywords in blog content is important?
What these keywords can do for your blog?
And how these keywords can help us to get traffic form Search Engines?


Why Using Best Keywords in Blog Post is Important?

Everyone use Search Engines to find things that they are looking for. And Search Engines provide the exact results or information for that search. Search Engines are the most used websites on by Internet users across the world. Most of the traffic on other business, e-commerce, government, educational and informational websites go through search engines.
Search engines like Google use predefined algorithms to index a web page in its SERPs. These algorithms analyze or crawl a web page to find out if it’s relevant to user search or not. Google search for relevant keywords or content on web page. If a web page have relevant keywords or content then Google will index that page otherwise Google will not going to index your page. That’s why it’s important to have best keywords in your blog post.

How keywords can improve blog’s ranking in SERP’s?

There are many ways to improve blog’s position on SERPs. One of them is using best and targeted keywords in your blog content with proper keyword optimization. As I earlier mentioned that search engines like Google crawl web pages before indexing those pages in their search results. If you have used keywords in your content this ensure that your web page will be indexed in search results. The more beautifully you use keywords in your content the better position you can expect. Good keyword density, keywords in article’s heading, subheading, in SEO meta tags, images alt text and using keyword in post URLs are some tricks to get higher ranking.
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Keyword density is a SEO term which used to define the quantity of keyword in web page content. In simple words it’s a way to find out how many times you have used your keyword in content. 2% to 4% keyword density is good for a web page.

Ways to find best keywords for blog post and website?


Use Keyword Research Tools:

Google keyword planner tool | Thakur BloggerTo find keywords which are best for your blog and can drive traffic, you can use online keyword research tools. These tools provide the best related keywords for your niche with no. of searches and competition. Give you the detailed analysis of keyword like number of searches/month or year or day, searches in particular country or city etc. It’s easy to figure out the best keyword for your blog post.
Check out here: Free Online Keyword Research tools

Long Tail Keywords:

Using long tail keywords for blog is a popular and trending way for keyword use. Most of the time these long tail keywords have low searches per month but the competition for these keywords also low. Low competition means you can rank your webpage higher for these keywords in search results. On other hand if you are using keywords with higher searches for your blog the competition will be higher for them. And it’s hard to get top ranking for your blog. But using long tail keywords can do better for you then using keywords with high searches.


Try to Make Keyword Specific to Audience

Long tail keywords for SEO | Thakur BloggerMaking keywords specific means adding more text to keyword, so it can specify your targeted audience. To make it simple for you to understand here is an example. Suppose you have a flower shop. Then your keywords for that will be like flower shop, affordable flower shop, affordable flowers for all occasions etc. These are primary and focus keywords for you. But to make these keywords specific for your audience you have to add location, occasions etc to keywords. For example flower shop in New Delhi, Affordable flower shop in Delhi and best flower shop for anniversary/marriages etc are the specific keywords.

Use Keywords With Low Competition

Low competition best keywords | Thakur BloggerKeywords with low competition can provide you the higher rank in comparison of keywords which are with high competition. It’s hard for new blogger to get higher ranks in search results with high competition. There are lots of bloggers who are working on those keywords for years. But keywords with low competition will increase the chances to get higher rank.

Use Google Keyword Suggestion

Google searches suggestions | Thakur BloggerI am sure you have noticed the keyword suggestions that Google provide for your search at end of the search result page. You can use these keywords for your blog post. Most of the keywords in Google suggestions will be long tail keywords.

Google Trending Searches

Google Trend searches | Thakur BloggerGoogle Search Trend is a tool by Google that provides you the list of keywords which users are searching on Google search. This will help you to find out the most trending keyword related to your niche.
These are the tips which I used to find best keywords for my blog posts. I hope these tips will work for you too. Please share your feedback with us in comments below. Have fun & keep smiling 🙂

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