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Make Sure Your Blog Leaves a Fantastic First Impression

First impressions are supposed to capture the reader’s imagination within the first few seconds of opening a web page.
For instance, even before analyzing the content of the website, the reader should at least get a clear picture of your intention without even feeding their eyes on the content itself. As such there are pertinent questions that one needs to ask to be able to understand the experience of the visitor once they open a page.
Imagine you are a visitor to your page, and then ask yourself the following questions;
How does the website appear in terms of design? Is it professional enough or does it appear as a trial project?
Is the layout confusing? Do the readers have to strain before they can find a place on the page to settle? Is it obvious where their eyes will land?
What about the kind of content the website has? Is it valuable enough for the visitor? Can their problems be solved on your website? What about the text? Is it easy to read or do readers have to struggle to pick something from the website?
Presuming you are new to the website, would you trust whatever they are offering?
Does the business seem credible, trustworthy or professional enough to solve your Problems?
It’s not very easy to be objective about your website following the lead in the above questions. However, they say that “ charity begins at home” and as such you need to do yourself a favor by asking yourself these pertinent questions. With that said, what does a website need in order to give it a fantastic first impression?
Just as a front office layout in a physical office, a good website needs to give the customers an impression that shows a great deal of professionalism was put into consideration.
The design matters and purposely so; an unattractive design distracts the visitors redirecting their attention to the poorly designed website. The visitors tend to concentrate on the design Which are in effect directly linked to the business itself? If an objective analysis of your Website

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Is The Text Readable?

The Text on your website forms an integral part of your website core content. The text needs to be readable to the visitors. If the text is not readable it will limit some of the other necessary activities such as the sharing, traffic increase, conversion and the ultimate success of your website.
The basic combination with the text on a background as we know it, has always been black over white with good reason. Therefore, if you have a black background with white text, then you need to change that promptly.
White text on a black background is unattractive to the readers. Basically, even if you are not using black and white, ensure that the combination of the text is readable, most preferably dark colors over white background.

What About The Background?

In most cases, the most appealing backgrounds should be simple due to the less time they take to load. Therefore, in contrast a complicated background will take longer to load. The point is that, such a background should be removed since it is not in line with the user friendly approach. Site loading speed is crucial in ensuring that an individual stays longer on the website.
The font size will be determined by the typeface you choose, but 14 pts is readable. In the same case, the choice of typeface commonly referred to as font, should emphasize on the readability first before anything else. The fancy typeface should only be used if to highlight on the subject or for clarity on a certain topic.
If you must use a number of fonts on the web content ensure that they are not placed everywhere. Ideally, use one font for the headers, another for the sub headers and the other with the body text.
When it comes to the links on the website, there are a number of styles that are widely employed by the designers such as writing the text in the block. However, the most effective style easily recognizable is underlining links in the article.
For easier reading, the article should be divided into relatively short paragraphs while the column shouldn’t be neither too narrow nor too wide. If they are too narrow or too wide, they are difficult to read.

The Accessibility of Content on The Website:

The question that you need to ask yourself is whether the reader knows where to look. When designing the website, it is important to ensure that each page has a particular element that is noticeable and easily identifiable by the visitors.
The other main objective for a number of businesses is the emailing list. In order to lead the visitors to your mailing list, there must be a call to action directed at them on almost all pages. Of course we can’t fail to mention the function of the pages themselves.
The various pages might be meant for a number of purposes such as landing pages. In essence, each page should be able to direct the visitors to a pre-mediated course of action that will benefit the company in the long run. Indeed, there should be an indication of what they need to do next.

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If the website is new that means you are not making much money from adverts. However, you can write an eBook and sell it through the emailing list, if you are lucky it might provide much needed income. If the website has some adverts that distract the readers without bringing in so much money, then you need to get rid of them.

How About The Design?

The design should be professional enough so that it may attract more readers to the website. It’s good to note that due to some factors such as financial constraints, people tend to design their own website and the final product might just be outright hideous. It’s not a crime, at least you are not alone; there are others just like you.
If the design is not professional enough, there is no doubt that you need to make changes on the website. But the bottom line is that a website should be designed by a professional in order to achieve an expert outlook for the visitors.

How to Get More People to Read Your Content?

The presumption in the above sub header is that you already have an audience for your blog. However, you feel as if the number needs to be increased for the blog prosperity.
In essence, there are a number of ways that you can increase your blog’s readership and it is pegged on the content itself and the proper usage of SEO tactics. It’s good to understand that your content is supposed to be social as one of the widely accepted basics of blogging.
And actually that is the first point in getting more people to Interact with other blogs; funny enough from the sub header, one might be tempted to assume that the less people interested with your blogs means that the content is not attractive enough. However, even if the content plays a key role there are other measures that need to be taken to increase traffic and interacting with other blogs is one of them.
This calls for a proactive interaction that is achieved through making relevant comments on other blogs. It is also necessary to respond to every comment that is left on your blog. Finding blogs related to your themes to interact with. Also respond to any topical issues that might be raised on your own blog by other writers.
Submit your blog to forums, social networking platforms, peer sourced news feeds, and discovery engines; when the blog finds exposure in an array of platforms, then you will most definitely find new readers interested in the blog through cross blogging. And the social media makes it more worthwhile.
Write great headlines and subject lines; the content needs to be introduced through an eye-catching lead. When people notice a wonderful headline, they will go on and click on the blog to get more out of your blog. In the same case, the content should be properly presented in bullet points to make them more readable. The paragraphs should be divided using subheadings for easier flow of information for the readers.

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Take a deep, hard and objective look at your blog; how does your blog look? Is it attractive to the eye. As stated earlier, the content of a blog might be valuable while the blog itself might be lacking in terms of design and layout. This means that the blog has clutter and the content, presentation isn’t well elaborated.
Therefore, you need to ensure that the kind of fonts, design and colors are reader-friendly. The blog should be functioning properly. Ensure that the blog does not have a lot of clutter. The blog should have an introduction or indication of what it is all about, for readers to get a clear picture of what to expect.
You should stay consistent; when one starts a blog they tend to be so excited about developing and posting content on the blog, but later on lose interest after a few months without much progress. The ideas are to keep on giving your readers something interesting to read consistently. It is also important to keep the blog readers well informed of any changes such as when you would like to post something unrelated to the theme of the blog.
Double check the content, especially in terms of formatting; the content should be formatted in a reader friendly format. In a way the readers should be able to read the content without much straining. At the same time it is necessary to present the points in numbers, sub headings or in bullet points for easier reading.
In a nutshell, getting more readers for your blog is a process that will require the combination of editing skills, nice presentation of content and also the use of search engine optimization.

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