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8 Excellent Google chrome SEO extension – Chrome extensions list

There are thousands of extensions available for every Internet browsers. These extensions make Internet browsing easy and interesting for us. Extensions are plugins or tools that help us to use some extra tools to improve our Internet browsing experience. In this post I have shared one of the best Google Chrome SEO extension, which can help you to check you’re and your competitors’ sites SEO performance. You can take a look at competitors’ traffic, page rank, Alexa rank, Backlinks etc. Most of the extensions in this post only for chrome browser but some of the extensions also work on other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Google Chrome SEO extension will help you in:

  • Analyze websites performance
  • To check sites backlinks
  • Helps in finding broken links
  • Analyze SEO meta tags and gives suggestions to improve
  • Google analytics view
  • Helps to check sites loading time or speed
  • Give suggestions to improve speed


Best SEO Chrome Extensions List:


SEO Quake:

SEO Quake Chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerSEO Quake is one of the most popular chrome SEO extension. This extension gives the basic and important information about the webpage that you open in your chrome browser. After adding SEO Quake extension on your chrome browser, it will show you its tool bar on the top of the webpage. Where you can check out the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Age, number of pages indexed to Google, Social media activities etc. For me the most important feature is its SEO Quake tool in Search Engine’s result page. Where it shows the same details for every webpage showing in the SERPs so you can check, because of that you can check sites popularity before going to that site. You can get SEO quake extension at Chrome web store.

Page Speed Test:

Maintaining the good loading speed for your website will always help your site do better in search engines and user experience will be better too. To check website’s speed there is an extension for chrome browser called Page Speed test. This extension gives you an idea about site’s loading speed and provides suggestions to improve site’s speed that you can use and improve your site.

Check My Links:

Check my links Chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerBacklinks are the most important part of SEO for many reasons like traffic, position in search engines and page rank. Check my links chrome SEO extension help you to check broken links on your own site and on other sites like Wikipedia, where you can create some quality backlinks to your site from those broken links. This extension will highlight the broken links of the webpage.

Web Rank SEO:

Web Rank SEO Chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerWeb Rank SEO is an extension to check webpage’s page rank, alexa traffic rank, whois info, social media activities, Google indexed pages and bing indexed pages. You can get all this information by just only one extension Web Rank SEO. This extension is available for all major Internet browsers Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.

SEO & Website Analytics:

WooRank SEO & Website review - chrome SEO extension| Thakur BloggerSEO & Website analysis is an extension by WooRank for analyzing website overall performance. It include websites speed, meta tags, site errors, suggestions for improvement, traffic analysis, social a/c activities, mobile optimization & overview, backlinks detail and many more important SEO tips. This is as awesome extension for SEO professionals.

Website On Page Analyzer:

Website Onpage analyzer chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerTo increase site traffic from Search Engines you need to have good optimized on page SEO for your website. Well optimized website can get higher positions in search result pages. There is a chrome SEO extension to check and improve your websites on page SEO, website on page analyzer. This extension will analyze your site’s URLs, meta tags (title, description & keywords), XML sitemap, robot.txt file, images of your website, internal and external Backlinks, social media profile pages and your domain information. If it finds any wrong or missing thing, then it will show you that in the final reports and give you the suggestion to improve that.

Meta SEO inspector:

Meta SEO inspector - chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerMeta SEO inspector extension inspects sites meta tags and analyze them according to Google’s guideline. It point out the missing meta tags, errors and possible solution to fix the problems.

Page Analytics (By Google):

Google page analytics - chrome SEO extension | Thakur BloggerTo check websites performance and visitors behavior on our website we use web analytics tool like Google Analytics. Those web analytics tool provide deep details of website performance and visitors behavior. Google have an extension, Page Analytics that will do the same for you. This extension will provides you the basic analysis like Current visitor, Page views, Bounce rate, exit rate etc when you will be on your site. You need to sign in with your current Google Analytics account to this extension once. After signing in it will start showing you the complete analysis of your website.