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Grammarly Review – Write Grammatical error free articles

Today I am going to share a tool review with you, the tool known as Grammerly.

For content writers and bloggers it’s vital to produce error-free content for readers.

But some time we just make some silly grammatical or spelling mistakes in articles. These mistakes create bad impress on our blog readers.

The worst thing is when your reader point out your mistakes inside articles.

To avoid these kind of mistakes or grammatical errors in articles, we can proof-read articles before publishing it on blog or website.

But trust me, even after checking or proof reading blog articles twice. Some time some basic grammatical errors and spelling mistakes remains there in articles. We fail to find out those mistakes sometimes.

Here in this post, I am going to share a tool that can help you in proof reading your web content before publishing it on your blog. This tool not just point out errors, but also provide the correct words to replace/use.

Grammarly, this is the tool that can help to you to write better articles or web content without any grammar or spelling mistakes.


What is Grammarly?

It’s an online tool for bloggers and content writers to check there content for grammar errors.

Grammarly will proof read your content and if it found any errors or mistakes, this will provide correct words to use for your article. This tool just takes few minutes to check thousand of words and show you the list of errors of your article.

Simply we can say it’s a tool that enhances your writing skills.

Check out Grammarly’s Grammar checker tool here.

How Grammarly tool works?

Grammarly is a really simple tool to use.

Tool comes with Premium and Free version plans. It is obvious that premium version gives you more advanced features and free tool only provide the basic features.

If you want to check out the tool before going to purchase it, you can sign up for free plan.

Grammarly provides you an extension for browsers for easy interface. You can also check out article grammar by signing in to your account and adding your article content manually.


Grammarly Browser Extension:

Grammarly extension is available for Chrome, Fire Fox and Safari browsers. Every time when you write content in your WordPress text editor, Grammarly tool will be checking your content for errors at same time. This will allow you to make changing in your text while you are writing articles.

You can check out the screen-shot below.
Grammarly - Online  free grammar checker
As you can see in the screen-shot, if you have any errors in your content, then Grammarly tool will show a green line under that text. To fix errors click on “Correct button” this will take you to Grammarly tool, where you can fix the errors easily.

Get the Grammarly Browser Extension here.

But Grammarly extension only works on online platforms. Suppose if you are writing your content offline in a MS Word Document then extension will not work.


Check content for Grammar errors online with Grammarly:

For manually adding content to Grammarly tool for proof check, you have to create an account first. You can sign up for premium or free account.

Grammarly Review 2016 - Instant Grammar checker online - Thakur BloggerOnce you are logged in to your account you can upload your content file (MS doc) or can copy and paste your content on Grammarly.

This will scan your whole content and show the all errors that you have within your written content. Error can be a spelling mistake and grammatical error.

To correct all the errors in your article you just have to click the “Correct” button. And your all errors will be replaced with new correct words within just few seconds.


Grammarly tool add-on for MS Word:

Most of the content writers or bloggers use MS word to write content. MS word has in-build spell and grammar checker but that’s not accurate.

Grammarly Review - best online grammar checker tool - Thakur BloggerGrammarly has an add-on for MS word that can help you to write error free articles on MS word. This add-on isn’t available in free version; you have to sign up for premium version of Grammarly to add this tool to MS word.

Steps to add Grammarly add-on to MS Word:

  • First Download add-on setup file from your account.
  • Then install it by double clicking on the setup file. Choose MS Word and MS OutLook both to add this on these both applications.
  • After installation you need to activate the add-on by signing in using Grammarly account credentials.
  • Now you can see a new add-on to your menu bar in MS Word and MS Outlook application.

    What Else Grammarly Can Do?

    Grammarly isn’t a tool just to check content for grammatical errors. This tool can do much more for you. Grammarly has some more important features that help you to make your article or content perfect for website.
    Grammarly review - Grammar and Plagiarism Checker tool online
    Vocabulary Enhancement:
    This feature of Grammarly allows you to replace the words that you have repeated in your article. This will scan you article and provide you different words to replace your original words to make article more approaching and professional.

    Plagiarism Checker:
    As its name suggest, this feature allows you to check article for duplicate content. If you are a content writer, so your clients expect original content from you. Because that’s why they hired you for content writing, so you need to check your content for duplicate content before giving that to clients.

    This feature of Grammarly will provide you an overview of original and duplicate content. If tool found any duplicate content then you can replace that to make it 100% original because that what your clients want from you.

    Note: Vocabulary Enhancer and Plagiarism checker features are only available in premium version of the tool.



    As a blogger Grammarly has many advantages for me like it allow me to publish error free articles and allow me to use perfect words to explain things.

    I must say that this is the tool for every bloggers and content writer that want to write error free content/articles. Sign-up here it’s free.

    This is a tool that scans 250 grammatical errors, enhance vocabulary and check duplicate content. I will surely recommend this tool for every blogger and content writers.

    Please do share your thoughts about Grammarly in the comment section below. 🙂

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