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The Ultimate Guide to Avoid Ad Blocking?

The main rule is to think of every advertisement very thoroughly. A user will not have a desire to block an ad which doesn’t look like spam.
Recently the Analytical department of Digital Marketing Agency ZEXLER noticed the following statistics:

” Users at the age of 16-34 block ads on the Internet more often than people who are older.”

According to the research which was carried out in September of 2016, every 5th user all over the world blocks ads. So, advertisers should be worried about this fact because they really lose their audience.

How Does This Fact Influence on Business?

How Does This Fact Influence on Business -Ad BlockingEarlier it was possible to block ads only on computers or laptops but now we can do it even on mobile devices. It happens because the very websites induce users to block ads. These websites use aggressive formats of ads such as videos, flash animation or pop ups. They look too much persistent and irritating that is why people prefer to block them at all. Moreover, many people complain about advertising posts in social networks which don’t contain information concerning the subject of a community.
As a result, such communities, organizations or projects suffer damage because the audience cuts ads on websites and/or blocks such advertising posts in social networks. The companies which have target audience like men with technical education more often suffer from blocking. It was noticed that they really don’t like such advertising and prefer not to look at it.

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What Can We Do?

Avoid Ad Blocking - What can we doTalking about PPC advertising, you should understand that it is necessary to elaborate every ad separately. Don’t use too many effects and animation. A good example: a brief description, motivation, an individual image. Such an ad doesn’t have excess information. Moreover, it is not irritating for users.
As for posts in social networks, you should elaborate every post. It is desirable to write a brief text which describes your goods or services in a good and motivating way. Then you should use an appropriate picture and add a few links (but not too many). After that, it is necessary to choose target audience. Such an approach will necessarily give good results.

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For example, if you are a building company which constructs houses or log-cabins, you should choose communities about cottages, wood houses, villages etc. You will obviously find your clients there.
Advertising is not an exact science. Every company must work and work in order to improve quality of every ad. Don’t search for other Internet platforms, just change a format and you will see a good result.

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