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5 Easy Steps: How to Buy Domain From Godaddy

To buy domain name I personally use Go Daddy, because Go Daddy provides good services and have easy user interface. Go Daddy is a privately held Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of 2014, GoDaddy was said to have had more than 59 million domain names under management.
To buy domain from Go Daddy you have to follow 5 simple steps and you have done it.

Search for Your Domain:

Go Daddy domain name search | Thakur Blogger

First think you have to do is to search a domain name that you want to buy. It is possible that the domain you are looking for already have brought by someone else. So first of all make a search on for your domain to check that your domain name is available or not.

What to do if Your Domain is Not Available:

Go Daddy domain name not available | Thakur Blogger

When your searched a domain on Go Daddy it gives you a message that tells you that your domain is available or not. If it says your domain is already taken by someone else than you can use Go Daddy’s related domain names option that Go Daddy provide you below your search. You can also use different extensions for your domain like if you search for a domain ( and it is already brought by someone else than you can try and you can use that as your domain name.
If now your domain is available and you want to buy this domain, just click on add to cart and proceed.

Protect your Personal information | Hosting | Add Emails to your domain:

Go Daddy hosting and mail | Thakur Blogger

In the next step it will ask you to buy Hosting, to add Email to your domain and to protect your personal information.
You can buy choose these option if you find them use full for you,  but if you just want to buy domain and don’t want to buy additional stuff then just left these things unmarked and proceed for next step.

Choose your domain duration:

Go Daddy Domain duration | Thakur Blogger

Here your just have to select the number of years for that you can buy this domain. like if you want buy this domain for 1 Year then select one year in the selection box and you can buy your domain for 2,5 or 10 years. The amount will be multiple by the number of year that you select if you select other options than 1 years.

Choose Payment Option:

After choosing your domain and other required things, now you have to choose your payment option by that you want to pay. You can choose Net Banking, Debit card and Credit card option for making payment for your domain.
By making payment to Go Daddy you will end the process of buying a domain from Go Daddy. Go Daddy send you the conformation mail with other information ton your mail ID, where you can check your order details.

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