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Secrets of Keyword Research – Things that everyone should know

Finding the right keyword and using that in the right place inside your blog articles is very important. Keyword Research tools will help you in finding the keywords for your article.
In this post I have shared some of the important tips for keyword research that will help you to get more traffic to your website from search engines.
First of all you have to understand your audience and the list of topics that they can be interested in. After that you have to find keyword research tool that will help you in getting keyword stats.
Which type of keyword you should use it depends on the kind of audience you are targeting, website you have and website niche you have.

How to select the perfect keyword for my next article?

Competition Analysis:

For new websites, it’s important to use keywords with low competition. As a new website it’s really hard to get ranked on the top page on search engines for keywords with higher search volume.

Keywords with higher search volume often have high competition too. By high competition here I mean more people are using the same keyword in their websites.

Low competition keywords - How to do keyword research - Thakur BloggerIf you target keywords with low competition, your chance of ranking on top will be higher for that keyword instead of wasting your efforts working on high competition keywords.

From my personal experience keywords with low competition rank your web pages higher than keywords with high competition do.

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Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are more targeted and specific keywords. For instance; “best coffee shop in New Delhi” is specific and targeted keyword than “coffee shop”. For a coffee shop website within New Delhi “best coffee shop in New Delhi” keyword will work far better than “coffee shop”.

Long Tail Keyword With Low Competition - keyword Research TipsLong tail keywords are more useful for businesses that deal with in a specific location, verity and product. It’s better for two reasons here; one drive only interested audience to your website and two rank web pages higher on search result pages.

Location Based Keyword Stats:

Every keyword researcher tool allows you to get keyword stats based on location. This helps you to understand your audience. Google Adwords Keyword Planner allows you to setup multiple locations, so you can use your all targeted locations.

Location Based Keyword Research - Thakur BloggerThis will help you understand the search trend of a specific location and you can adjust your keywords within your web content accordingly.

Language Based Keyword Search:

If your website is in different language than English, then this feature of keyword analysis tools can turn out to be a good feature for you. You will only get keyword stats from your specified language that will make this process simpler for you.

Device Based Keyword Search:

Many keyword researcher tools have this feature where they allow you to filter keyword stats based on devices. These tools show separate list of keywords that are searched on mobile devices.

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