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How to Start a Blog on Blogger – Complete Tutorial for Beginners

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I have shared a complete tutorial from basics of “How to start a blog on blogger“. I hope this will help beginners to start their own blog with blogger. In order to start your blog, you may have some questions in your mind; like How do I start a blog? , How to make a post to blog? , Is it requires coding skills to make a blog? , How to customize your blog according to your needs? And so on. I tried to cover all these basic things about How to build a blog?  I have mentioned step by step process from very basic for starting a blog. Now let’s go through these steps and learn how to start a blog.

How to start a blog?

To start a blog on blogger you must have a Gmail mail ID. If you have a mail ID, you can login to and if in case you don’t have you can create one at

Creating a blog on blogger | Thakur Blogger

Now after logging in to actually starts the first step towards starting a blog with blogger. You have to enter your blog title and URL of your blog that title and URL you wish to give your blog. And you have to chose one blog template for your blog that suite your requirements; later on you can change your blog template.
So you have created your blog and now you need to customize your blog template and have to make posts to your blog.

How to make post to blog?

Blog new post |create a post | Thakur blogger

When you’ll enter to your blog it will show you a label on your dashboard named as “New post”. Just click on that label and will land you to the post editing page. Where you can post your article or whatever you want to post, you can add Title of the post, text editing in your post, images, videos, hyper-link text with in the post and many more editing you can do in your post.
creating a blog | Thakur blogger

You can customize your post’s text in blogger like you customize in a MS Word document, it’s that much simple.

How to customize blog?

How to start a blog on blogger Dashboard tools | Thakur blogger

Blogger gives you a Dashboard — a kind of control panel showing you the blogs you have set up — giving you access to tools like Posting, Overview, Layout, Template and setting. Where you can customize you blog posts, templates, layout, and your blog settings.

Overview gives you details of your blog’s performance like how much page views your blog got and you can check your blog’s updates here (comment, no of post on your blog and daily page views details).

Under post section you can find your all posts that you made to your blog. If you want to modify your older posts you can modify them here under post section.

Page section is same as your post section, under page section you can manage you blog pages.

You can manage and moderate comments that user post on your blog.

This is an important section for social media promotions. Under Google+ section you can chose an account or if you have a Google+ page, this will automatically share your posts when you add a new post to your blog.

In stats section, you can take a look how traffic your blog is getting. These stats are very help full for your blog to target your audience.

If your blog has enough traffic, you can start earning with your blog by Google adsense. To start with Google adsense you can log in earning section and can apply for Google adsense.

To make your blog attractive and to add widgets to your blog, layout section is where your you can add widgets and can give an attractive look to your blog.

Any changes that you want to make in your blog template will be done under template section. If you now the codes then you can make changes in your template by editing template’s HTML. Or you can install a new blogger template to your blogger.

All settings of your blog comes under setting section, basic settings, post and comment, language and formatting, author and other settings appears under setting section that you can change according to your blog’s suitability.

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