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Youtube Video Upload – How to upload a video to youtube?

Using videos to present your ideas and thoughts to others is the best thing, because human beings understand more from visual than from textual stuff. Making videos and sharing those videos with the rest of the world to convey your message is the best and easy thing. Online video portals like YouTube, Daily Motion, Drop Shot, Meta café, UstreamTV, Vimeo, and Vube etc, allow you to share your video online. I have shared a list of most popular video sharing websites list you can check out some video sharing websites. These online video sharing sites help you to upload your videos online so that peoples can see your videos. Most of these websites are free to upload your video there.
YouTube is the best website to share your videos. It’s the most popular video sharing website online and it’s free. You can upload unlimited videos to YouTube and the interesting thing is that you can also make money from your videos which you will upload to YouTube. Yes you have read it right; you can make money from your YouTube videos. YouTube allow its users to make money by displaying advertising to videos. And when someone will see your videos and click the advertising, YouTube will pay you money for that.
In this blog post, I have shared how to upload a video to youtube? Follow the steps below and upload videos to YouTube. I will soon write a blog post about how you can create your own YouTube channel to make money with YouTube.

Steps: How to Upload Video to Youtube?

To upload a video to youtube first you need a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account that’s good but if don’t have then make a Gmail account here.

Now go to YouTube and Sign In with to there with your Gmail account. And then click the Upload button on the top right side of your computer screen to upload your video.
Choose your video which you want to upload. After choosing your video it will start uploading your video from your computer.

At the same time you can define Title, Description and Keywords. Also you can set other settings like category, language and for the video.
How to upload a video to youtube |Thakur Blogger
Title and description will help you to tell your viewers about what your video is. And keywords will help your video to rank in the results when someone will search those keywords on YouTube.
When video uploading will be done, you can Publish your video. Now your video will be on YouTube and anyone around the world can see your video.

I hope this article will help you to upload your videos to YouTube. Please give your suggestion and opinion in the comment section below. Have fun & keep smiling 🙂

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