150+ New Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017 - Bookmark Your Website

150+ New Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Here we have shared 150+ Free New Social Bookmarking sites list for you. These sites will help you to create Backlinks for your website and help you to drive traffic as well. Most of the sites in this list are with high quality and have good Alexa rank. You have to register yourself on these social bookmarking sites before submitting your site to these sites. You can directly submit your site after registering. And you can submit multiple sites.
Social bookmarking is a popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy of promoting a website, sharing content and links openly with other Internet users. Also a great tool in building web presence and promoting a business on the Internet.

What are the benefits of Social Bookmarking ?

  1. Faster indexing by search engines.
  2. Link building
  3. Going Viral
  4. Generating more traffic for website.


150 New Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017:


Sr. no. Website Type
1. Twitter.com Free
2. Digg.com Free
3. Stumbleupon.com Free
4. Reddit.com Free
5. Buzzfeed.com Free
6. Start.me Free
7. JumpTag.com Free
8. Fark.com Free
9. Pinterest.com Free
10. Inbound.org Free
11. Linkatopia.com Free
12. Newsvine.com Free
13. Diigo.com Free
14. Squdoo.com Free
15. Technorati.com Free
16. Bookmark 4 You.com Free
17. Folkd.com Free
18. Social Bookmarks Site.com Free
19. Bibsonomy.org Free
20. Triberr.com Free
21. DesignFloat.com Free
22. BizSugar.com Free
23. LinkArena.com Free
24. YahooBookmarks.com Free
25. Migg Hub.com Free
26. Free Ticket Open.com Free
27. Hot Bookmarking.com Free
28. Social Bookmark Zone.info Free
29. NewsMeBack.com Free
30. Bookmark Diary.com Free
31. Video-Bookmark.com Free
32. OpenFaves.com Free
33. MyHQ.com Free
34. SaveYourLinks.com Free
35. HubPages.com Free
36. SiteJot.com Free
37. Social Bookmarking Time.info Free
38. Bookmark Cart.info Free
39. IKeepBookmarks.com Free
40. DZone.com Free
41. A 1 Bookmarks.com Free
42. SheToldMe.com Free
43. Bookmark Follow.com Free
44. Social Bookmaris Easy.info Free
45. DotNetKicks.com Free
46. Scoop.it Free
47. EverNote.com Free
48. PearlTrees.com Free
49. XMarks.com Free
50. SaveMyLike.com Free
51. Bookmaring Biz.info Free
52. Seek 4 News.com Free
53. Pipi News.com Free
54. Soc Bookmarking.com Free
55. Bsocial Bookmarking.info Free
56. Bookmark Cart.com Free
57. Bookmark Office.com Free
58. Google.com/Bookmarks Free
59. Open Faves.com Free
60. URL Scores.com Free
61. News SocialBooks.com Free
62. BlurPalicious.com Free
63. CiteULike.org Free
64. CloudyTags.com Free
65. Bookmarkee.com Free
66. Sbm Story 16mb.com Free
67. Pusha.se Free
68. AtlasAssistans.net Free
69. Yemle.com Free
70. AddUSAStory.com Free
71. TezBookmarking.com Free
72. Earcon.org Free
73. Pixador.ne Free
74. Googl Besaba.com Free
75. Pop Zu.com Free
76. Top Social Bookmark SEO.com Free
77. Gwrbook.com Free
78. Dekut.com Free
79. Digg.WikiTechGuru.com Free
80. More Treat.com Free
81. Aixindashi.org Free
82. Canadaka.net Free
83. Gardicanin.net Free
84. Webmaster Showcase.com.au Free
85. Bleep.it Free
86. QQpipi.com Free
87. Share Dots.com Free
88. MilocalBuilder.com Free
89. Todays 1051.net Free
90. Dictaf.net Free
91. Obc-Inc.com Free
92. VTV10.com Free
93. Gen Eff.net Free
94. IHaan.org Free
95. Cosap.org Free
96. Gardicanin.net Free
97. Pixador.net Free
98. Aixindashi.org Free
99. Jodohkita.info Free
100. Useful English.net Free

We are updating this post with new working Social Bookmarking sites.
List Last Updated on 30th Jan, 2017


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  • salman December 8, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the info !!!

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    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of social bookmarking sites. Going to create some quality backlinks for my blog from these bookmarking sites.

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  • Maulik January 20, 2017 Reply

    Amar Thanks for sharing the source.
    I came across the list but majority of these links expired (I mean domain expired!). Please share new bookmarking sites source if you have.

    • Amar Thakur January 23, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for letting me know Maulik. I am in process to update this list with new working bookmarking sites 🙂

  • Mohd. Atif January 30, 2017 Reply

    Hi Amar,

    First of all I like your blog design. It’s designed in a simple & sophisticated manner. Secondly, I opened some of above website links, but most of them expired or deleted. Please upload the new list of websites. I am bookmarking your website and wait for the new update. Thanks

    • Amar Thakur January 30, 2017 Reply

      Hi Mohd. Atif,

      Glad to know that you liked blog design.
      I am going to update list soon please check back after couple of days 🙂



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