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Slide Made Simple e-Book – Improve your presentation designing skills

PowerPoint Presentations are very common thing these days, everyone is using PowerPoint presentations to present an idea or anything that he/she wants to convey to other peoples.

Making presentation with PowerPoint is really simple. You don’t need much technical or designing skill to make your first presentation on MS PowerPoint. The basic of presentation designing is keeping things simple and clean. The simple and clean designs help people to understand with more ease.

We often see presentations with load of information within a single slide that mess up things together. This results in total waste of time.

To make cool and eye catching presentation designs you need to know some basic design thumb rules. Slide Made Simple e-Book can help you in learning PowerPoint presentation designing skills.

Slide Made Simple e-Book Overview:

Slide Made Simple is a help e-book for PowerPoint beginners and for people how wants to design cool and professional presentations. Slide Made Simple e-Book is founded by Adam Noar of Presentation Panda.

Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda. It’ a presentation designing firm that specializes in creating and delivering professional presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals. He has more than 10 years of experience of working on PowerPoint presentation designing.

This e-book provides presentation designing tips. With that you can take your presentation designing to the next level.

Adam Noar has shared all his designing skills, experience and secrets of presentation designing in this e-book. After reading this book you will be able to design professional presentations by your own.

The e-book has the answers to all your questions about PowerPoint Presentation designing.


What Slide Made Simple will gonna teach you?

This e-book will be teaching you the importance of having a clean and compelling communication in presentation design. Also teach you how to make your presentation stand unique and effective over others.

With this PowerPoint e-book you will be learning about the mistake that you were making in your presentation designs, so that you can fix or find out them.

E-book will also gonna teach you how to present information or a story in a cool way on slides with awesome design that keep people excited in your presentation. You will know about the importance of images in presentation and places to get perfect images to use in presentation.

What color combinations you should use? And what kind of text content you should use?

All these kind of questions are answered in this e-book.

  • You will be able to make your own original presentation designs.
  • You can create your own presentation template designs.
  • Slide animation skills that make your presentation move.
    Get free PowerPoint Presentation design templates here
    This e-book will be teaching you or helping you how you can turn a boring presentation design in a cool and awesome presentation.

    Slide made Simple - powerpoint tutorial ebook

    Like this simple slide with items list below.

    Slide made simple - tips for powerpoint presentations designing

    A simple slide can be a cool and beautiful slide like this. This is the difference that you can see in your presentations after implementing the tactics or designing tips of Slide Made Simple e-book.

    PowerPoint E-book - Slide Made Simple

    Simple presentation slide design to show stats on graphs.

    Slide made Simple - learn presentation designing - Free PowerPoint E-book

    And well designed presentation slide design to show stats.


    Chapters that you will read in e-book:

    1. Get organized and into the “creative zone.”
    2. Set up your presentation toolbox so you work smarter.
    3. Structure your slides with intention and precision.
    4. Create killer content that moves your audience.
    5. Incorporate captivating fonts.
    6. Understand color and how to choose beautiful color schemes.
    7. Choose and create stunning visuals.
    8. Get the most out of charts.
    9. Use animations and transitions.
    10. Insert video and also turn your presentation into a video.
    11. Share and broadcast your presentation with the world.

    Check out some of the Sample pages of the book here.

    Slides Made Simple not only explains the principles of winning presentation design but also shows you HOW to put these presentation ideas into ACTION.

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