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25 Popular PPT Slide Share Website with High Quality – Free PPT Submission Sites

PPT slide share is a latest way of digital marketing or you can say a way to promote your brand on Internet by sharing PPTs on PPT submission sites. This can give an extra help to you or your business to reach to customer. And give detailed information about your brand and business. The most important this isn’t a limited area promotion, your PPT can be seen across the world by people, which is it’s one of the most important advantages.

  Advantages of PPT Slide Share:

PPT slide share has lots of advantages or I can say have only advantages. Submitting PPT slides to PPT submission sites haven’t any disadvantages.
By sharing PPT to PPT slide share websites you can promote your business, you can create awareness about your brand, you can get traffic for your website and can create Backlinks that will help your website to rank well in Search Engine Result Page.

  25 Best Free PPT Submission Sites List:

One of the best PPT submission sites list with high Page Rank and Alexa rank. Share your PPT to these 25 best top high PR PPT submission sites and get the best results. Check out the list of “25 best top high PR PPT submission sites” below:

Sr. no. Website Moz Rank Alexa Rank
1. 7 522
2. Slide 8 139
3. 7 433
4. 6 9,156
5. Ziddu.Com 7 81
6. Slide 7 66,421
7. Author 6 69
8. 4 Shared 7 82
9. Slide 7 3,07,000
10. Brain 6 15,336
11. 6 79,394
12. Note And 6 2,67,000
13. Power 5 5,193
14. 6 2,69,000
15. Slide 6 13,185
16. Templates 6 23,435
17. 2 8 7,632
18. Slide 6 9,890
19. 7 12,564
20. M 5 1,01,367
21. 6 23,277
22. Slide 5 41,242
23. 6 82,798
24. 5 1,24,370
25. 6 57,032

List Last Updated on 27th July, 2016

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  • Sikha January 13, 2017 Reply

    Thank you Amar for describing this truly in simply word but i want to give you suggestion to please update it because couple of website not working and one or two is paid so please describe in front of them otherwise it’s ok and really this is good article. Thanks For Sharing this

    • Amar Thakur January 14, 2017 Reply

      Thanks Sikha for the suggestion. I will update list soon 🙂

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