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Responsive WordPress Slider – Collection of Free WordPress Slider Plugin

Image sliders make websites more beautiful and attractive. Also allow us to show important products or information about your business. WordPress has a huge number of website template collections for everyone. You can find out free website templates with homepage image slider.

If you are using a wordpress template that doesn’t have image slider than you can add image slider to it with just by installing a single plugin to it. WordPress has a collection of different plugin for its users to customize and make website more interesting by showing some important information on top of the website with image sliders.

Adding images slider to a website is really easy. This will take just few minutes to set up all this on a wordpress website. For that, first you need to find out an image slider plugin for your website that fulfill your requirements.
Then just install it to your wordpress and setup your images and other things to it. And within few minutes this will be done.

In this post I am going to tell you about some of the best and responsive wordpress image slider plugin that you can use on your wordpress website.
All the plugins in this list below are responsive, that means you can see them on all small and big devices (mobile, laptops and desktop).

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Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins:

Slider Plugin:

Like I earlier said that all the plugins in this list are responsive so this plugin is a responsive on e for sure. Slider plugin allow you to show image slider on your wordpress website. You can also show slider on top of the homepage which is the recommended and perfect position to show image slider.
Word press Slider Plugin - Thakur Blogger To add/use this plugin you need to install this on wordpress. And after adding all images and setting up other required setting of the plugin you will get a short code that you have to add into your site code. Add that code where you want to show the image slider.

Like if you want to add slider in header top then you have to add this to your header.php file. Code will look something like this ( [responsive-slider id=111] ).
Key Features:

  • Easy to add/delete/replace images in slider
  • Responsive display for all mobile and computer devices
  • Flexible to add anywhere in widget area, post, page and in header section
  • Simple slider navigation
    Download / More Details


    Adding images and videos together in slider is a perfect combination. This plugin allow you to do that. You can add videos to slider. Displaying videos on top of the site will provide you a way to give some quick info/demo to users about your product. That can be a “How to use tutorial” of your product.
    Slider -Word press Slider Plugin - Thakur Blogger This plugin makes your website more attractive and eye-catching. Also when you add an image or video to slider it allows you to give a title and description to it. That user can see on website. It’s up to you to show text on slider or not. In my opinion it’s important to show some information in form of title or description on slider to give a hint to your users about that image or video. At the end it’s up to you.
    Key Features:

  • Video in slider
  • Responsive wordpress slider plugin to use on site
  • Flexible to add on post/page/widget area/homepage top or in footer
  • 16 navigation arrow designs to choose from
  • Auto generated short-code to add slider
  • No limitation on uses
    Download / More Details

    Slider Image:

    Transmission effects also play an important role in slider design and effectiveness. I think one should use slider with simple and beautiful slide effects that shows information and images effectively and in readable way to users. And also effects should not be much fast it should be slow and smooth. Because, the motive behind using a slider on website is to make our website look more beautiful, professional and to provide some useful information to use, not to mess up things in bed way there.

    This plugin allow you the all basic setting and modification that you need to make in a slider. This is one of the best responsive wordpress slider plugin that we have right now.
    Slider image - WordPress slideshow pluginBy using this plugin you can create unlimited sliders with adding unlimited images to sliders. And plugin have a simple setup process and navigation system for customization in slider design.
    Key features:

  • Responsive slider design
  • Full screen layout with simple slider navigation
  • Multiple layout designs with loads of effects
  • Can create unlimited sliders
  • Can add unlimited images to a single slider
    Download / More Details

    Responsive Slider Plugin:

    Responsive Slider Plugin for wordpress - Thakur BloggerAs its name suggest, it’s a responsive wordpress slider plugin to show image slideshow on websites. This plugin comes with lots of free slider themes that you can use for free on your website. Allow you to add slider within website posts, pages, widget area and on homepage. Setup steps are simple too and doesn’t require much time and skills to setup this.

    Like every other plugin in this list it also gives you a shortcode to add and display the image slider. Its shortcode will look like this ( [awl-slider id=111] ).
    Key features:

  • Easy slider setup/customization
  • Responsive slider design
  • Flexible to add on website page/post/header/footer
  • Auto play slidershow
  • Touch slide navigation
  • Allow slider title and description
  • Free slider themes
    See Demo Download / More Details

    Slider Slideshow:

    Responsive Slider Plugin for wordpress - Thakur BloggerHere is a plugin that not just only help you to create an image slider for website but also create image galleries. If you have a photography blog or website where you need to show a gallery of photos then this is the plugin that can help you in that. And its slider layout is damn beautiful with the feature of showing small thumbnail of all images of your slider. User can see all slider images in small thumbnail and can navigate through those images.

    This feature makes this slider plugin more beautiful and unique from others in this list. Slideshow is mobile friendly too. This plugin is developed in css and HTML5, so if you have the basic knowledge of css and HTML5 you can make the changes and can modify slider layout.

    Still this plugin has lot to offer to you. You should check out this plugin once. I am sure you will like to work on this and will love to have this on your website.
    Key Features:

  • Visual Slider Editor
  • Responsive design
  • Drag and drop option for building slider
  • Same time slider preview
  • Support to add videos from Youtube
  • Mobile friendly slider layout
  • Many different slider transmission effects
  • Beautiful navigation buttons for image slider
    See Demo Download / More Details

    WP Slider plugin:

    WP slider plugin is a simple and responsive wordpress slider plugin for displaying images slideshow on website header section. It comes with some default slider skins/themes that you can use. But if you are looking for some more attractive and useful slider skins then you have to get its premium version, where you can find more slider skins with awesome design and interface.

    Plugin provides all the basic functionality in its free version for users.
    Key features:

  • Responsive design
  • Flexible to add slider anywhere on the site
  • Drag and drop interface for building image slideshow
  • Touch navigation for mobile and other touch screen devices
    Download / More Details

    A Lite – WP responsive slider plugin:

    I have seen this slidershow plugin used in many blogging sites where they have used this in widget area to show their latest/popular articles in slider. Trust me, it looks cool. Important thing is that it attracts visitor’s attention by its cool layout and effects. And the second thing is that it shows your articles list in a beautiful manner on your blog.
    FA Lite - WP responsive slider plugin - Thakur BloggerAlso this plugin is mainly designed for showing images slider on the header of your website. Plugin has free layout themes and simple customization interface that allow you to build a slider within minutes.
    Key features:

  • Responsive and mobile friendly design
  • Slider can be added to post/page/widget area/ header/footer easily
  • Free layout theme for slider
    Download / More Details

    Slider ultimate:

    Slider Ultimate WordPress image slide show pluginIt’s another responsive wordpress slider plugin that’s easy to use and has simple slideshow design with all latest features. You can create or setup slider simply and to add it will give you shortcode to add into website to display slideshow there. The shortcode will look like this ( [ultimate-slider] ).

    This plugin allow you to make all changes in the slider design from its dashboard. But still you need to modify its design you can do that from making changes in its css.

    And like most of other sliders it also allows to show Title and description in slider images. And navigation buttons too that you can choose from its design collection.
    Key features:

  • Full width responsive slider design
  • Simple shortcode to add slider into website
  • Unlimited numbers of sliders for your website to add
  • Woocommerce integration into slider
  • Drag and drop slider customization
  • CSS modification for making changes in slider design
    See Demo Download / More Details

    WordPress Slider Plugin – WP 1 Slider:

    WordPress Slider Plugin - WP 1 Slider - Thakur BloggerThis is the plugin that’s has most features in this wordpress slider plugin list. Plugin provides los off new useful features with all basic features that others provide. WordPress slider plugin is easy to customize and add. Allow you to add multiple sliders to a single page. I know that normally this will not look good to have lots of sliders in a single page but this will be a key feature for photography blogger and portfolio websites to show their work in sliders on a single page.

    As a photographer, you can use different sliders for adding different category photos to it. This plugin has a huge list of features so I can talk about all here but the second feature that I thing I should tell you here is its text positions for slider. This plugin allow you to show title & description text in 9 different positions on slider.
    Key Features:

  • Can unlimited images to slider and unlimited sliders to a page/post
  • Every slider has separate settings
  • Can use button navigation and can’t
  • Different caption text layout designs
  • Multiple slider design layout themes
  • 10 different thumbnail designs
  • Caption text customization
    See Demo Download / More Details

    WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin:

    Like its name suggest it’s a vertical image slider plugin that allow you to show a image slideshow vertically. I personally recommend using vertical slider in widget area because I think it will look good there.
    This plugin allow you to control all the plugin settings from adding/removing images, defining slider size, slider time/speed, layout, navigation style and to number of images visible to slider. These all settings are in under admin control.
    WordPress Vertical Image Slider PluginOthers settings are the same like other plugin have. You just need to check out it once and after that you can easily setup this plugin without any difficulty.
    Key features:

  • Responsive design
  • Shows the slider preview while setting up
  • Need to add shortcode where you want to display slider
  • Flexible for using in pages/posts/header
    See Demo Download / More Details

    Slider by Supsystic:

    Slider by Supsystic - WordPress slider plugin This plugin have stunning slider designs to offer you for free. Designs are responsive for sure to work on all mobile and computer devices. Using these kind of plugins that already have pre-designed sliders make your work really easy and fast. You don’t need to worry about “ How this will gonna look? And How this will gonna work on different mobile and computer devices?
    Key Features:

  • Responsive images slider design
  • Stunning slider themes
  • Add slider using shortcode
  • Thumbnail slider navigation
  • Content slider feature
  • Multiple languages support
    Download / More Details
    Plugin Suggested by Reader:



    These images sliders can be very handy for making website more attractive and beautiful. I have list plugins in this list which I found useful and easy to use. So if you have used any other Slider plugin that worked good for you please share that plugin with us here in the comment below.


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