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Shortcoder WordPress Plugin – Add Script Code to Your WP Site

Hi Readers,
Hope you are doing well. In this post I am going to tell you about wordpress shortcoder plugin which can help you to add script code in your wordpress website. If you are familiar with wordpress then you may know that you can’t add script codes in ad section of your wordpress theme. Let me explain it in simple words to you. WordPress gives you pre-designed website templates and most of them have pre-defined sections for ad display. But when you try to add ad code there it doesn’t show your ads on website.
That’s because wordpress doesn’t allow you to add script code there in the ad section. And most of the advertising companies like Google Adsense provide ad codes with script. So you have to add code directly to your website codes which can create problems for you if you are not a technical person.
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Shortcoder WordPress Plugin

Shortcoder wordpress plugin for adding script code to wordpress - Thakur Blogger

WP Sortcoder is a plugin which allow you to add script code to your wordpress website. You can also make long website codes short with the help of this plugin. Shortcoder plugin has power to short 2 – 3 pages codes in just one or two words code. Isn’t this awesome pluging?
To Install this plugin for your wordpress please visit Shortcoder homepage here.

How to use Shortcoder WordPress Plugin?

How to use Shorcoder wordpress plugin - Thakur Blogger

First you need to install this plugin to your wordpress. Then just copy the script or code that you want to make short. Open shortcoder give a name/title to it and paste the script or code in the below field and save your code. To add this code, copy the name of shortcoder that you just generated. Your new shortcoder will looks something like this – [id=”shortcodernamehere”].

Just copy this code and add where you want to add this code. If you are using shortcoder plugin for adding ad code then replace your older script code with new code in the ad section. It will start showing your ads correctly on website.
Hope this will help you in adding script codes to your wordpress website. Please give your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below. Have fun & keep smiling 🙂

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