Importance of Social Media Networking sites for Job Seeker

Importance of Social Networking Sites for Job Seekers

When you are searching for a job, social networking sites can be a great way to connect with companies, recruiters and connections that can help you search for a new job.
Internet Social Networking sites provide a platform for spreading the word about your personal brand. It gives you the ability to connect with millions of people at any time. Nowadays, job-seekers have found this medium so effective. It is vital to have social networking profile for a professional.
A large number of employers are using social networks to hire employees. Majority of open jobs are not posted on job boards, but are found on social networking sites. Social networking sites helps you find out the job openings through your online connections in the organization/company you prefer.
So, you should focus on finding people/groups instead of finding a position. Start by creating and maintaining up-to-date complete profiles on one of the three most commonly used powerful social networking sites: , Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Almost everyone is using Facebook for personal networking, but nowadays it is used for professional networking as well. With a lot of job search apps, Facebook is becoming more than a social networking site. These Facebook applications can play a vital role in your job search.
Before searching for a job on Facebook you should create a simple profile, post relevant content, and set the privacy settings carefully ensuring that hiring managers and business connections can only view what you want them to see.
On Facebook, there are few apps available for job hunting and networking. Some of them are:

  1. Be Known
  2. BranchOut
  3. Career Builder Facebook App
  4. Hire My Friend
  5. LinkUp Facebook App

LinkedIn is the most popular networking site devoted to job searching and career networking. It is the most popular online tool among employment recruiters. Basic service is free. You can build a free profile that can serve as your professional resume, available to anyone.
LinkedIn enables users to build in and maintain a list of contact information for people they know and trust in their field of work. The people on the list are called ‘Connections’. Using LinkedIn you can view the profile of hiring managers in your field, and discover how you can best be introduced to them.
One of the most popular LinkedIn features is its ‘Job Search’ function. After you have set up your account, you can search your current job opportunities and see how your existing contacts can get the job. You can also browse the job directory, sorting by industry, job function or title, company name, or geographic region.

Recruiters from different companies and job sites post job openings on Twitter, and job seekers use Twitter to help simplify their job search.
There are two well-known Twitter job-finder tools that will improve you job search effectiveness:


Hence. Social media is vital tool for bringing social life. Also, if used judiciously, this would certainly give benefit to the individual. So keep a nice portfolio at social media networks.


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