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Social networking websites you need to focus on for driving traffic to site in 2019

Social Media networking sites are very important nowadays because these networking sites have become very powerful platforms on Internet. Social Networking sites are the mostly used or visited sites by Internet users. If you are going to launch a new business, product or any business update you must share this on Social Media sites for better costumer engagement and business awareness. You will get your targeted audience on these platforms. By targeted audience here I mean that the information you will be sharing on Social Media will be seen by the audience that are interested in your business, product or in your business update.

There are many Social Media sites/platforms available that and their users use them for different purposes according to their features, popularity and type. Like there are Social Media sites that work better for information sharing, some sites are better for photo sharing and some for video sharing. And there is Social Media site like linkedIn that help you to make professional links with other businesses and business persons. It’s important to find out the best Social Media sites that will give you better results in future.

In this post, I am going to share short reviews for top 5 Social networking websites, so you can easily find out the best one for your Social Media Marketing campaign.


Facebook is in the first spot here because of its huge number of users all over the world. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, and now in 2016 it’s the most used social network website around the world with billions of users. Facebook is designed for connecting with people in the easiest possible way and sharing stuff with others with ease. It’s the best platform for International brands to get connected with people or customer from different part of the world without doing much.

Facebook Advantages:

  • Numbers of active users are very high.
  • Easy to get connected with your customers
  • Content, photo and video sharing
  • You can run ad campaign on Facebook for increasing customer engagement.
  • Easy to use and setup your business profile there.

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How to get started with Facebook?
It’s really simple to start with Facebook, you just need to create a business page there for your business. When you are done with page creation, you can start engaging with people. The important thing is that you need to be updating and posting stuff on page regularly for keeping your customers in touch. This will help your business to make an impact on customers.


This is a powerful social media network that’s equal popular like Facebook. Twitter allows you to share information in form of text, images and videos. The information you share on twitter called Tweets. There is word limit for a tweet that’s 140. You can’t share more than 140 characters in a single go. And that’s one of the reasons why we share websites links often with our tweets. But still twitter has billions of users around the world. Twitter receives almost 58 million tweets every day, now you can imagine how powerful twitter is.

Advantages of using Twitter:

  • Again huge number of users
  • Allow you to share unlimited text, image and videos
  • Ad campaigns to help you in getting more user engagement
  • People using Twitter from all over the world

How to get started with Twitter?
On Twitter you need to create an account for your company or business. All major settings are there that you need to set in Facebook, like company details that will give your audience a brief about you. You need to more frequent here than Facebook as its tweet limit is just 140 characters. Twitter can turn out a good platform if you are making sales from your website because it allows you to share short information with links. Peoples are more likely to click links on twitter than Facebook.

Google Plus:

Google plus is a social media network by search engine giant Google. It’s giving tough competition for both Facebook and Twitter. Google is continuously updating Google Plus for giving its users better experience of a complete social media networking site. Google Plus stands right after Facebook and Twitter in term of number of users. The reason behind that is its linking with Gmail account. When someone creates a Gmail account, this also creates your Google Plus profile. You just need to update your personal details thereafter. Also it’s attached to all other platforms of Google like Youtube etc. Whenever you update things on attached accounts Google Plus will automatically show a feed on you profile.

Google plus is a good social media site for marketing purpose. Allow you to create separate page for your business.

Advantages of using Google Plus:

  • Worldwide used social networking site
  • It’s a Google’s product so it helps you to get higher ranking for Google search for your posts of Google Plus
  • Allow you to share text, images and videos
  • No text limitation
  • Easy to use

How to get started with Google Plus?
If you already have a Gmail account than it’s easy to get started with Google Plus. Just login to Gmail and then login to Google Plus, goto your profile. You will find a pages section on the top left side on your computer screen. Pages section allows you to manage all your pages and allow you to create new one. Just follow few steps and your business page will be ready to use on Google Plus. Content sharing is similar to Facebook you will not get any trouble in using Google Plus if you have used Facebook before.

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LinkedIn is more a professional social media network that helps businesses to connect with other business partners. It’s largely used by professional all over the world. This is the best social networking sites for business persons for getting connected potential business partners and for hiring employees too.
You can promote your business on LinkedIn. And it’s a good platform for professional for getting jobs. If you have used LinkedIn before then you have must seen job requirement ads on LinkedIn website every time when you login. When job requirements match your skills it automatically stared showing that job ad to you.

Advantages of using LinkedIn:

  • Help you grow your business
  • Connect you with potential business partners
  • Allow you to hire employees
  • Help you in getting relevant job

How to get started with LinkedIn?
Creating an account on LinkedIn will take bit more time than other social media networks dose. And it’s obvious because it’s a professional social network, so you need to fill out your complete information including your work experience, education, skills, hobbies etc. These all details will only there for giving you better experience.
You can use Facebook for getting started with LinkedIn and also can use email to create an account.


It’s too a popular social network mainly used for image and info-graphic sharing. Pinterest allow you to share photos in a beautiful way. It allows you to create boards where you can share you images and you can create multiple boards for different categories under a single account. Your post called as Pin on pinterest. Whenever you wants to add a new photo, just navigate to your board under that you want your image to be shown and pin your photo there. You can describe a brief note with image as well. And also allow you to add pins from web. Like if you want to share a website link. This will automatically pick the image from that particular web link.

Advantages of using Pinterest:

  • Best social media networking site for sharing photos and Info-graphics
  • Facebook and twitter login and easy to use

How to get started with Pinterest?
It’s simple to get started with pinterest, you just need to create a account. The account can be creating by using Facebook and twitter account login and with email too, so it’s up to you. Then setup your account by adding additional information about you and start sharing your stuff there. You can only share things with in boards so please do create boards first.

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