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How to Start a Movie Review Blog?

In the digital era that we live in, blogging is an integral form of expression of ideas or thoughts. Creating a blog is no more a Shaolin’s art. Today, a layman without any prior knowledge of this aspect can also create interactive and user friendly blogs using various online blog hosting services such as WordPress, Blogger, and Wix amongst others.
If cinema excite you to your wits or if they provoke your deepest conscience, if you have an uncontrollable appetite for the cinema or if you have the devil’s understanding of the technical details then writing a movie blog might be an add on to your checklist.
Movie blogs enable your readers to get an insight about these flicks in accordance with your perception. This in turn serves the bilateral objective of showcasing your thoughts as well as adding up to the knowledge of your audience.
Below, we have enlisted 5 things that you might consider while setting up your blog.

Use a Free Blog Hosting Service Initially

Wavering mind has always been a human tendency and the same law applies to your yearnings. In the beginning we all are amateurs focusing more on exploring rather than materialising. Hence, it is always preferable to use a free service rather than paying for a domain and hosting service. This would provide you with the hands-on experience without spending extra. We recommend you to use a free service initially until you explore the various possibilities and choose a direction for your blog.
In order to give a head start to your blog, you can try out some free hosting platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wallinside, Wix etc. Also, you can get your domain name along with engaging extensions from GoDaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator etc.
What more? You can change your hosting plan to a paid one on your existing platform. Also, all your posts are moveable so your previous work won’t go in vain.

Post Less But be Consistent

You can post 10 times a day but why drain all your talent and fade away when you can keep the spark of your page alive by posting less at regular intervals. By this, we mean that reviewing a maximum or 2 or 3 movies per day would be better than reviewing all the movies in one day and being dormant ever since. Consistent posting would help in achieving the bilateral objective of keeping the excitement of your readers alive along with enhancing your skills and responsiveness.
When the readers know what they are in for while visiting your website, they would tend to visit your page frequently and become loyal audience. Also, if you post precisely, then you would have abundance of matter for your future posts.

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Engage With Your Audience

A blog reviewing movies would never be complete if it does not cater to the opinions or takes into consideration the suggestions of its audience. We recommend you to facilitate open discussions on your blog by having a forum or comments section designated to your posts. You can also end your review with an open question to serve the purpose. This would not only let your audience engage with your post and give their account of experience for a particular movie but it would also enable your readers to engage with you and give you their valuable suggestions.
Another step that you can take is provide your users a reliable medium to book tickets or watch this movie. After all, if they are interested in looking for a review, then they must be interested in the movie too. Why not provide them, what they are eventually looking for?
To provide a better booking experience, along with the ticket booking window, you can also provide the readers, latest movie coupons that they can make use of and save their money. Remember, user’s trust is what all budding bloggers are looking for.
Moreover, it would also help in building a community of your blog and facilitate debates with different point of views on a particular motion. The end result of all this would be a more rational and legitimate review from your end.

Keep Track with IMDB, Meta Critic and Rotten Tomatoes

Originality and a distinct perception is undoubtedly a necessary pre-requisite for a successful Blog but at the same time, navigating through the IMDB, Meta Critic and Rotten tomatoes page of a movie before posting your own review would be immensely helpful.
It would not only give you a further insight about the given film but it would also help you cross-check the parameters you judged the movie on. Along with this, you can just view all the integral information about the movie such as the actor’s names, release date, synopsis of the movie etc.
Please don’t confuse referring with plagiarism. These websites should help you in expressing your opinion in a more efficient and effective manner rather than alter your opinion or review altogether. The originality of your post should not be compromised in the least.

Keep Track of The Cinema

In order to become a prosperous blogger, you need to keep yourself up to date with the movie world. Having knowledge about the upcoming movies and posting the same would not only help you in keeping your readers engrossed but it would also broaden your knowledge and narrative regarding various movies.
For this, you can keep a check on multiple sources including websites such as:-
Yahoo Movies
Rotten Tomatoes

How to Monetize Your Blog?

You can start monetizing from your blog using a number of methodologies.
Most bloggers use advertising as their primary mode of earning. The amount you generate per advertisement is directly proportionate to the traffic of your blog. Another way of generating constant income can be differentiating between free and premium content on your website such as monthly subscriptions, featured reviews etc. Some other ways to earn money can be donations, syndicating content, affiliate marketing etc.
Last Words
Today, most of the cinephiles look for a good, in-debt and perceptive review of a movie before hitting the cinemas. Blogging serves the purpose in an easy yet comprehensive manner. Moreover, your movie review blog also helps you express your opinion in an interactive manner along with earning for something that pushes your adrenaline.
Therefore, it’s time to commence your brain-storming sessions and mark the rise of the top-tier blogger within you!

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