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WordPress Plugins – 8 Most Popular Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

How much traffic you are getting doesn’t matter if you aren’t engaging or converting those visitors to your future customers.
And that can be only done by providing them enough information and call to action on site so that visitors can easily find out stuff on site.
Showing Product Information, Services details and Newsletter Subscription are some basic and effective ways to get user engaged with your business.
One another thing that can be really effective is testimonials of your satisfied customers/clients. Having testimonials on business website gives you an extra edge over others.
We do check customers’ feedback whenever we want to try out or buy any product or services from any company. Don’t you?
This gives us an idea about how good their products or services are.
Today, most of the companies are showing customers testimonials on their websites.
Are you doing the same?
If yes then, I am sure you are doing great with your business 🙂
And if not, then don’t worry. This is the time for you to start showing testimonials on your site and get more customers to your business.
The best place to add testimonials on website is homepage because homepage is your most visited page, and placing testimonials there will get more impressions.
In this post I am going to share some of the best and free Testimonial Plugin for Wordpres. Adding testimonials with these plugins is really easy and simple 🙂
There are lots of testimonial plugins for wordpress available but I am going to share with you some of the most popular, easy to use, regular updated and plugins with futures that can really help you.

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Best Testimonial Plugin for WordPress:


Testimonials Widget:

Testimonials Widget - WordPress Testimonial PluginTestimonial plugins allow you to add a section on website where you can show customers testimonials. Testimonials Widget plugin do the same, allow to add testimonials or reviews in website sidebar area, homepage, posts and in internal pages with just adding a single line of code.
Testimonials can be in text and in video. Plugin allow you to select testimonials manually to display on site.
It gives you total freedom to change layout design, functions, content and css.
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Testimonial Slider:

Testimonial Slider - Testimonial Plugin for WordPressTestimonial Slider plugin has 5 responsive & free slider templates that you can use and edit easily. Plugin can be implemented with widget and shortcode.
Plugin allow you to show testimonials based on categories and it automatically fetch new testimonial to slider.
Settings for testimonial slide animations and controls.
Plugin files are available in three other languages; French, Dutch & Spanish.
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Testimonial Rotato:

Testimonial Rotator free Testimonial plugins for WordPressThis is a simple testimonial plugin for wordpress which allow you to add testimonials on site with widget and shortcode. With testimonial rotato plugin you can control all settings, plugin features and layout design of testimonials. Like you can add navigation button to scroll testimonials, can align them, can give rating to each testimonial and can add image of author.
Installation and setup process is really simple for users to get started with this testimonial plugin.
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Easy Testimonials:

Easy Testimonials - WordPress Plugin Add Testimonial in WordPressEasy Testimonials - WordPress Plugin Add Testimonial in WordPressEasy testimonials plugin do the same, allow us to add testimonials in sidebar with the help if widget, in pages and posts with shortcode.
You can add multiple testimonials to it and this will show all of them on site randomly like a slideshow. Its layout template is really beautiful and effective too. You can image to testimonial and also an image for author.
Plugin is fully responsive with beautiful layout templates.
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Testimonial  - WordPress Testimonial Widgets PluginsThis testimonial plugin in wordpress comes with build in slider that allows us to show testimonials in slider. Plugin is totally responsive and light weight.
Layout is beautiful and it comes with 5 free templates. All templates are editable, we can change the color, text font, text size and other style too to best suit are website layout.
The best part of this plugin is its testimonial submission feature. It allow you to add a section with testimonials where are clients/customers or visitors can submit their review. Isn’t that cool feature?
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Testimonials Slider:

Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin for adding Testimonials on siteThis is another slider testimonial plugin for wordpress. Help us to manage and display testimonials on website easily. We can show testimonials for our products and services.
Testimonial Slider plugin allow us to display testimonials in full width page and also in the sidebars of our website.
Adding new and modifying older testimonials is simple. Provide fields like Name, Website, Company Name and Website URL to add with testimonials which make it more professional and informative as well.
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Strong Testimonials:

Strong Testimonials Plugin for WordPress How to add testimonials in WordPressThis is a featured testimonial plugin that allow us to quickly setup and customize testimonials on site. Also provide a front end form to collect feedback from our customers. Form is easy to use we can simply add and remove fields from it.
We can organize up to few hundred of testimonials with this plugin. Testimonials can be organized in categories.
Plugin shows testimonials as slideshow with beautiful slide effects, ratings, thumbnail image, author name, pagination, next & previous button and drag & drop sorting.
Plugin is available in nine other languages too; Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
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BNE Testimonials:

BNE Testimonials - WordPress Testimonial PluginsThis plugin help you to display testimonials anywhere on wordpress website. We can add it to pages, posts, header, footer and sidebar. Testimonials can be placed with the help of widget and shortcode provided by plugin.
BNE Testimonials provide two type of layout for testimonials first one is as list and another one as slider. It provide different shortcode for both layout.
Plugin shortcodes will look like this [bne_testimonials_list] (for list testimonials) & [bne_testimonials_slider] (for testimonials slider). To show plugin on wordpress site we just need to copy and paste it where we want to show the testimonials.
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Plugin Suggested by Reader:



I have tried here to list down the best testimonial plugin for wordpress. Hope these plugins will help you in setting up testimonials on wordpress website. If you have any questions or suggestion regarding these plugins please do let me know through the comments 🙂

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