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8 Free Online Tools for Website Speed Test – Check your website’s speed

Website speed matters a lot to blogs, personal websites and small business websites. A fast website can improve your web traffic, sales and SEO. It can also improve your ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. But having a slow website can affect your web traffic, sales and SEO in bad way. Slow website can reduce your 50% traffic; decrease your sales and position in search results. No one wants a slow website. There are many reasons that can slow down your website; having large size images is one of them.
I have already shared with you, “How you can speed up your website to load faster”.
Making website faster is a challenge. A slow website can washout your hard work that you have did in making website content and design. Studies show that visitors leave a site if it hasn't loaded in 4 seconds.
To check your website speed, you need to test your website in online website testing or speed analysis tools. These tools will provide the complete analysis of your website speed and performance. I have shared some Website Speed Test tools in this post, you can try these tools to analyze your website load time and performance.

Tools to Test Website Speed



Pingdom Website speed test tool | Thakur BloggerPingdom is a cost effective and reliable tool to monitoring website speed. This tool use global network of server to monitor your website. Pingdom gives you the complete statistics of your website loading time, images loading time and response time. All tests are done with real web browsers, so the results match the end user experience.


  • Examine all part or elements of website
  • Gives website performance overview
  • Performance based grades and tips
  • Test website from multiple locations


Webpage Test

Webpage Test Website spedd test toolWebPage Test tool helps you to run a free website speed test from multiple locations. You can run a simple test or advanced test including multiple steps transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Results will be rich diagnostics information including resource loading, webpage loading speed optimization for improvements.

Dotcom Tool

Dotcom web speed test tool | Thakur BloggerIt’s a free website speed test service provider which allows you to check your website speed in 20 different locations around the world. This tool has support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other mobile browsers (iPhone, ipad etc). Dotcom is one of the best tools which is helping its user, webmasters and developers to improve their website performance and we experience.


  • Browser based loading time of website
  • Detection of slow and missing elements
  • Test via chrome, firefox, IE and other mobile browser
  • Absolutely free – no sign up required


Monitis website speed test tool | Thkaur BloggerMonitis is a paid tool to test website speed and performance. To test website just enter your web URL and check the details about website speed and performance in result. You can test your website in different countries of US, Europe and Asia.

  • Test and analyze web page loading time
  • Optimize webpage performance based on test statistics
  • Improve users experience and SEO ranking
  • Get the most out of your Monitis experience, Sign up free for 15 days free trail.


Website Pulse

Website pulse tool check website speed | Thakur BloggerWebsite pulse verifies the URL, download the complete HTML content, images, all other internal webpage and measure the download time of each component. It constantly measure website accessibility and web based system performance, immediately triggers alerts and troubleshooting notifications of detected problems and provide to customers with real time data charts, graphics and raw data for detailed analysis.


Uptrends free tool to check website speed | Thakur BloggerWith free Uptrends website speed test you can analyze your websites speed and performance. Simply enter your URL there and choose a location out of 35 available locations. And check details of your website speed analysis. Uptrends tool is free for first 4 weeks. Try free 4 weeks trail.

Website Speed Test

Website speed test too | Thakur BloggerWebsite speed test is an online tool for testing website speed analysis by It provides valuable information about website speed and domain. This tool will check everything from your domain resolving speed to your download time.

Load Impact

Load Impact web page speed test tool | Thakur BloggerWith load impact you can get website speed analysis quickly from different browsers, network, conditions, locations and user behavior. It provides most realistic and reliable results. Try free trail.

Load Impact will help you with:

  • Ensure the responses experienced by users are acceptable
  • Validate server scalability and measure end user performance
  • Establish a long term baseline for your performance on which to validate the impact
  • Locate and fix performance bottlenecks


I have listed these tools in this post based on my personal experience with these website speed test tools. Tools which I found interesting and effective have listed in the post. If you are using any other tool please let us know. Don’t forget to give your feedback in comments below. Have fun & Keep smiling 🙂


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