What is Google Page Rank? – Improve website’s page rank with basic SEO strategies

We have written many articles in the past about SEO strategies and tools in our blog. In this post we have shared tips and tricks which can help you to improve your site’s Google Page Rank. If you are familiar with SEO and Blogging then you have listen this term Page Rank many times. Page Rank is an important term and you should know how good Page Rank helps your website? & how you can improve Google Page Rank?

What is Google Page Rank?

In the simplest way, It’s an algorithm by Google to rate a website by measuring website’s Backlinks, External Links, and the quality of website.  Website which has good number of quality backlinks, original & unique content and website popularity among with its visitors will get higher page rank. Page Rank of a website can be between 1 to 10 and if you have a new website that doesn’t have much Backlinks can have 0 page rank. It mostly depends on website’s quality and Backlinks. By websites Page Rank a user can check how much popular that website is. Check the example below to understand how quality back links can improve Page Rank?
For Example, there are two websites; first is fweb.com and second one is sweb.com. Both websites have the same amount of content, traffic and Backlinks. Suppose both sites have 1500 backlinks each. Fweb.com have 500 backlinks from websites with 5 & 6 PR, 500 backlinks with 2 & 3 PR and rest of the Backlinks with no PR or 0. On other hand Sweb.com have 500 backlinks with PR 6 & 8, 500 backlinks with PR 4 and other Backlinks with PR 2 & 3. As you can see that the Sweb.com website have Backlinks from good quality and high PR sites than Fweb.com so Sweb.com will get higher Google Page Rank.

Where to check websites Page Rank?

There are online tools where you can check Google Page Rank of your website. If your website have PR between 1 to 10, then these tools will show you your Google Page Rank, and if not then it will show 0 or n/a. PR 0 or n/a means your website have PR less than 1. I recommend CheckPageRank.net, SmallSEOTools.com and SEOCentro.com online tools to check website’s page rank.

How to improve websites Google Page Rank?

Create Quality Backlinks:

Creating quality Backlinks for you website is one of the best way to improve Google Page Rank. Backlinks plays an important role in getting higher Page rank for website. Submit your website to best and high PR website to get a quality backlink to website. You can try Best SEO websites for backlink creation with high PR and Alexa Rank.
Submit website to top web Directories:

There are some powerful web directories which can help you too. You have to submit your website on those web directories to get listed there and to create a backlink from those directories. Demoz, Somuch, Yahoo Directory etc are some important directories which you can try.
Quality Content:
To improve websites PR you must have good amount content on your website. Web content should be original and unique.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing etc prefer original content to index on the top of their search results.
Activities & Presence on Social Media Networks:
Social media networks are very effective sources to improve site’s Page Rank. If you are active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. These sites will create quality Backlinks and drive a decent amount of traffic to website.
Update site’s content regularly:

If you are updating content regularly on your website that will always help you. Your visitor will come back to your website in search of new content and give you more chances to get more organic traffic from search engines.
These are top five ways to improve your website’s Google Page Rank. Hope these help you to improve your site’s PR. Please give your feedback in comment below. Have fun & keep smiling 🙂


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