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Add Responsive WordPress Youtube Video Gallery

Do you want to create wordpress youtube video gallery for your blog?

Or want to show videos on blog from your youtube channel?

You can show videos in a beautiful way on your blog. Follow the steps mentioned below to add responsive video gallery in wordpress.

You can embed single video, playlist from your channel or all videos from your youtube channel to your blog.  

How to Create WordPress Youtube Video Gallery ?

There are two things, which you need to add video gallery in wordpress. First is plugin and second thing is youtube api key.

Embed Plus for Youtube

There is a plugin called Embed Plus for Youtube, which I am using. You have to install and activate this plugin on your wordpress.

And you need a youtube API key, you can create API key it’s easy to create. If you don’t know How to Get Youtube API key, we have written an article about it please check this for reference.

Setup Youtube Video Gallery Plugin

You will see lots of setting options for this plugin on its setting page. This plugin has paid version as well so you will see few pro features too. But we are going to use only free features of it.

Youtube Video Gallery Plugin

There are multiple setting tabs, we will start with default setting tab. Under default, you will find all settings related to video gallery. Settings like how you want your videos to play and display.

Go through all the options once and then decide what you want and what you don’t want. I’ll recommend you go with default settings once and check how videos look. I found it easier to make changes later once I see it with default setting options.

add Youtube API Key

Next setting tab is API key. You just add your youtube api key here and save. (if you don’t have api key read here – how to create api key).

Under Wizard tab, you don’t have to anything. Here you will see how you can add wordpress youtube video gallery on different places of your blog.    

Gallery page setting

Galleries setting tab is important, here you can choose how many videos you want to show on a single page and other layout options for your video gallery page.

These 4 setting pages are important; do check out rest of them as well. I am going to skip others for this tutorial.

Once you are done with all setting options, you can add youtube video gallery in wordpress blog.

add wordpress youtube video gallery

If you want to create a separate page, where you want this video gallery to show then create a new page. You will see Youtube Wizard button in text editor options, click on it and open wizard.

You get multiple options here, choose embed channel if you want to add all video from channel. Add channel url and insert it as gallery to page.

Now before saving it, review wordpress youtube video gallery page. If all looks good save your page and you are done here.

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Still Not Able to Create WordPress Video Gallery ?

Don’t worry we have a video tutorial for you 🙂

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