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Wordstat Yandex – Keyword Statistics Tool of Yandex – Complete Tutorial

Yandex is a well known Search Engine and the biggest Internet Company in Russia. Yandex was founded in 2000 in Moscow. Currently Yandex has more than 55.2 million users in Russia. It’s the most visited website in Russia. In Russia Yandex is more powerful Search Engine then Google. According to Yandex, 67% of Internet users in Russia use Yandex to search things on Internet.

Yandex is also popular in some other Russian speaking countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Recently I was doing SEO for a Russian website so i came to know about Yandex Search Engine. For keyword research Yandex has its own tool like Google has. The name of the tool is Wordstat Yandex. In this post I am going to share simple steps about How to use Wordstat Yandex keyword statistics tool?

I found that it’s really easy to use than Google Adwords tool. There are no complications and you don’t need to setup your account like we have to do in Google’s Adwords tool.

Wordstat Yandex Keyword Research Tool:

Wordstat is a Keyword statistics tool for Yandex search engine. This will provide you the complete keyword stats of Yandex. Stats include number of searches, location, number of searches on mobile devices and Query history. For getting all these stats for you query you just need to enter your query to the tool’s Query field. By doing this you will get the complete keyword stats.

How to get started with Wordstat Yandex?

Like every other tool you need to create an account on Yandex too. Just need an Email address and your basic details and contact number on which you will get a activation code to create an account there.

Yandex keyword statistics tool - Thakur Blogger
Now login to account and start researching keywords. Whenever you enter your keyword and search for the stats this will show you a list of related keywords list. Yandex allow you to check keyword stats in three different ways.

  1. By Keyword
  2. By Region
  3. Query History

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By keyword:

Mobile devices based keyword stats by Yandex Wordstat tool - Thakur Blogger
To filter keywords based on mobile searches, you need to click on the “Mobile Only” button. Check the image below for reference. This will only show the keyword stats for mobile searches.

By Region:

yandex wordstat - Location based keyword statictics - Thakur Blogger
Do the same for checking keyword stats based on country and cities. Select the “By Region” radio button under the keyword field and then choose the location. Check the image for reference.

By Query History:

Query based keyword stats by Wordstat Yandex - Thakur Blogger
This is an awesome way to check out how much times you keyword is searched by users in past. In Query history tool will show the stats in form of graph where you can add more filter like mobile only and time period to get more specific stats.

Check out reference video below:

I hope this tutorial will help you in working with Wordstat Yandex Keyword Statistics tool. If You any more question and suggestion please leave in the comment section below. 🙂

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