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How to add Google Analytics code in WordPress?

Do you want to add custom HTML in wordpress header?

Or do you want to add Google Analytics & webmaster verification code in your wordpress site header?

If yes then, this article will help or guide you to do so.

Please do follow the steps mentioned in this article to add custom code inside wordpress site header and footer.

How to add Google Analytics code in WordPressHow to add Google Analytics code in WordPress?

Adding google verification code in header of your wordpress site is simple. There are many free wordpress header and footer editor plugins. By using these plugin you can add verification code in the header section of your website.

Not just google analytics code but you can also add google search webmaster verification code, adsense code, verification code of different search engines and ad code from different ad networks.

Head and Footer Script Inserter

Header and Footer Scripts InserterThis is a very simple header and footer editor plugin by Space X-chimp. This plugin allow you to add HTML code inside the header and footer of your wordpress site. You can add HTML code before & after main header and footer code. To do so you just have to copy and paste HTML code that you got from Google Analytics inside the given text boxes in plugin page.

Add Custom HTML code in wordpress : Follow the steps

First of all you need to install Header and Footer Script Inserter plugin. To install this plugin go to the Plugins> Add New, search for this plugin there  and install it.

Once you done with installation, open plugin page (find plugin under settings>Secipt Inserter).

You will see 2 each text boxes there for header and footer. Usage instructions are also given there under a separate tab.

How to add custom HTML code in wordpress headerYou just have to copy your custom HTML code in text boxes and save changes; rest plugin will do for you.

Script inserter plugin will update your custom HTML code inside header or footer automatically.

To confirm if the code is updated on site or not, you can check it manually. To check open your website and press ctrl+u, this will show you the source code of your website where you should be able to see recently added code as well.

Still Not Sure?

Watch video tutorial of the same below. This video will help you understand the whole process in much simpler way.

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