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How to Write Meta Tags for Website? – Importance of Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important in On page SEO, I have shared some simple and effective tips and tricks to write website Meta tags. Before we start, How to write effective Mata tags we have to know What are the Meta tags, how these tags effect your website rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and Why these tags are important for your website?

What are Meta tags?

In simple words, these Meta tags are the part of website’s HTML codes that tell Search Engines that about what your website is. Meta tags contain brief information about your website and search engines like Google use to read these tags before listing any webpage in search result.
Meta tags are placed in simple HTML codes, for example title tag will look like this <meta name=”title” content=”Your website’s title gore here”>. You can find these tags between head tag on the top of any website’s HTML code. To check press ctrl+u on any webpage and it will take you to the website’s source code, where u can see these Meta tags easily.

Why Meta tags are important?

Meta tags are important because some major search engines index your site before checking your Meta tags or you can say that they index your webpage on behalf of Meta tags. These tags help search engines to find, what information your website has. So when any user search for things that your website has, than search engine can index your website in search result. Define website meta tags with intelligence and smartness.

How Meta tags looks like:

Meta tags are placed with basic HTML between Head tag, in beginning of your website’s codes. You can check image below how codes look in website source code.
Meta tags Image |Meta tag HTML code | Thakur Blogger

How to write effective meta tags?

There are three most important Meta tags:

  1. Title tag
  2. Description Tag
  3. Keyword Tag


How to write title tag?

This is not really a tag but it has the most value. Google and other search engine Yahoo, Being etc. show the Title on their search result page where user can see your website’s title and make the decision to visit your site or not. Google has maximum 70 characters limit for Title.

Title tag| HTML meta tags | Thakur Blogger

  • Title should be less than 70 characters.
  • Title should contain keyword.
  • Word length between 4 to 12.


How to write Description tag?

Description tag contains a short description of your webpage that will show on search result with title of the webpage. This will give user an idea about your website content.

Description tag | Meta tags | Thakur Blogger

  • Description has maximum length limit of 156 characters by Google.
  • Include 2 or 3 keywords in description.
  • Use at least one of your keywords near the beginning of the description.
  • Words limit should be 12 to 24 words.


How to write Keyword tag?

Keyword tag contains those words that you thing user can use to search. For example if your webpage is about Search Engine optimization, your keywords will like What is SEO, SEO, SEO tips and Define SEO.

  • Use 10 to 12 keywords don’t use more than 12 keywords for a webpage.
  • Define your primary and secondary keywords.
  • I recommend you to do research for your keyword before selecting your keyword. This will give an idea what user search to find thing that you are offering.


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