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5 Keyword Research Tools For SEO Professionals & Bloggers

For SEO professionals, Business owners and bloggers, keyword research is an important process to get the best from Search Engine searches.
Before writing content for a website or blog, every SEO professional and blogger go through keyword research tools to check which keywords are trending on Search Engines?
And then they select the best keywords for their website. Keyword analysis tools give an idea about what keyword phrase people use to search a particular thing. For example – If you are going to start an Online E-Commerce website for shoes. Then your targeting keywords will be like: Best online shoes, Sports shoes online, Running shoes, online shoes for man, online shoes for women and many more. When any one will use any keyword out of these, your website will rank for that on Search Result Pages.
There are many Keyword Research tools online available for free and paid both. Keyword tools provide us detailed information about keyword phrases, monthly search for a keyword, related keyword phrase suggestions and competition for that keyword phrase. We have shared “Top 5 Free & Paid Keyword Research Tools” that will be best for keyword research.

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools


Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Google Adword Keyword tool | Thakur BloggerGoogle Adwords keyword Planner tool is one of the best keyword research tools. Most of the SEO’s and bloggers use this tool, because it’s totally free to use for any one. Google Adwords is mainly a Google Advertising manager tool  and it offer keyword planner tool for their user to choose a keyword groups or keyword phrases for those they wants to advertise.
It’s a much more popular than other keyword tools, mainly because it is Google’s tool. As we all know that Google is mostly used Search Engine across the globe, and Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool provides keyword analysis from Google Searches. So everyone wants to target Google Search and that’s way it is more popular than other tools. This tool provides great keyword ideas and traffic forecast. You should try this.


Keyword keyword Research tool | Thakur BloggerKeyword is a free online tool for keyword research that uses Google Auto complete to show you keyword analysis. This tool also gives you related keyword suggestions for your keyword. This tool is second most used tool for keyword research after Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.

Word Tracker Keyword Tool

Word Tracker Keyword tool | Thakur BloggerWord Tracker keyword tool is a good tool where you can do keyword research. Word Tracker is a trusted analysis tool for SEO professionals and Online Marketers across the world.
Advantages of using Word Tracker tool:

  • Provide accurate keyword analysis.
  • Save your time.
  • Boost your website’s ranking in search engine.
  • Discover new keyword related to your niche.


Check out: WordTracker keyword research tool’s free trail


SEO Book Keyword Planner Tool

SEOBook keyword tool | Thakur BloggerInteresting tool for keyword analysis, and free to generate a list of top searched keywords online related to yours. SEO Book keyword planner tool show you’re the best keyword suggestions which are trending on all search engines.

Keyword Discovery Tool

Keyword Discovery Tool | Thakur BloggerThe biggest advantage of keyword discovery is that this tool provides you access to a huge keyword database. It generate keyword database from all search engines and shows you the whole keyword phrases and one place. Also provides a list of competitors keywords which are getting most of the traffic from search engines for your competitors. Keyword discovery tool is a paid tool you have to pay some amount to use this tool. You can try a Free Trail of Keyword Discovery to check out how it works.

More Useful Keyword Research Tools:



Advantages of Using Keyword Research Tool

  • Gives you an accurate idea of trending keyword phrases
  • Provides keyword or long tail keyword phrase suggestions
  • Helps to check competitor’s best keywords
  • Keyword analysis based on locations, languages and keyword analysis of particular time period
  • Helps to get traffic and improve ranking in search results of a website.

We can say Keyword Analysis tools are very important for SEO professionals and online marketers to be updated with the trending keyword phrases. By which they can update their web content accordingly to improve web presence in search results.
Hope your experience is good with these Keyword Research Tools. If you are using any other tool, please let me know in comment section below.
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