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How To Determine If A Website Is Safe Before Transacting

Internet has played a vital role in the life of mankind for good. In the beginning, the sole purpose of internet was to connect with each other to send and receive messages in one or other way. But these days internet is everywhere. Now you can not only send or receive messages but also do many other things such as play games online, watch movies online, look for products reviews and even shop online.
Online shopping is the trend of this century. Every year, count of online buyers in increasing. When it comes to shop online, most of the times you have to enter your personal details including details of your credit cards or debit cards to make payment online for the goods or services you are purchasing.
When you are entering your account information in an online shopping portal, you are exposing the very crucial information that hackers or bad people can use against you to hack your account and transfer money to their own accounts or to disclose your information online.
Now the question is how to keep your information secure when making online purchase?
The only thing that you need to care about here is that you should always buy from the secure websites. Websites with high security standards always keeps the information of its users safe. They use various security measures to make sure that the information always stays secure with them.
Now you may ask that How to determine if a Website is safe before transacting?

Let`s see how you can if a website is secure or not.

1). Brands:

The easiest thing that any common online buyer can do is that he/she should only buy from already established brands. Why buy from brands? Because brands spend lot of money to keep every single activity on its portal highly secured.
Brands are trustable because they not only offer various products or services but also focus on keeping the information secure. Brand websites are mostly secure against various attacks so it is always good idea to buy from brands like Amazon and etc. Casino sites are the best example of highly secured sites. They have added every possible security solution to make the transactions highly secured. When you add money or receive money their system encrypt the transaction details and make them secure.

2). HTTPS:

You can also look for HTTPS://in the url of the website to find if the site is secured or not. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS encrypt the information and make it hard to read for hackers and save from attacks.

3). Lock:

You can also look for the Lock icon in the address bar of the browser. If the url of the website you are visiting shows lock, that means the website is secure and you can easily go to make transaction online.

4). Look for trust seal:

To easily determine if website is safe before transacting, you should look for trust seal. Most of the online shopping portals display the trust seal in the footer of the website. The trust seals also tell the level of website security.
These are the 4 effective ways to find out if the website is secure or not before making a purchase online. If you still have a question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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