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Start Affiliate Marketing Blog | Beginners Guide

You admit it or not; Blogging is not just a hobby. Everyone wants to earn money from their blogs and many of us are earning right now.

I am sure you also want to earn money.

How to start affiliate marketing blogThere are numerous sources of income available online but affiliate marketing can be came your No.1 source of income.

In affiliate marketing you can earn $100- $1000 by generating a single sale. In that way, you can make lots of money.

But reaching on that level is not an easy task. For that you have to work smart and need lots of patience.

Let me tell you my story

When I started my first blog I also want to earn money from it.

At that time I only knew about Google Adsense. And getting Adsense approval is a little bit tough task (especially for newbies). In most of the cases, you have to wait for 6 months in India.

But; One day when my friend introduces a term “Affiliate Marketing” to me. I got excited.

I started gathering information and I got to know that many people are earning $10000 from their blogs and I was thinking I can also make lots of money.

So I started affiliate marketing on my blog. I made a with Amazon affiliate program.

I used to place links and banners in all possible locations on my blog. But that doesn’t work for me. I was not able to bring a single sale.

Then I decided to learn about Affiliate marketing as much as I can and after some time I started my another blog where I promote affiliate products.

I am not expert in affiliate marketing but I am sharing what I have learned about starting affiliate marketing on a blog.

First of all, you should know:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing blogAffiliate marketing is a strategy in which you have to increase the sales of the other companies’ products and in return, you will get some commission as a reward on every single sale made by you.

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is a referring program. More you refer more you earn.

To increase your earnings you have to increase the sales and to increase the sales you have to promote those products. You can use your blog and social media platforms for promotion.

How will company identify sale is made by you or someone else?

When you sign-up for affiliate programs you will get a unique tracking ID and your tracking ID is linked in textual links and banners.

When someone clicks on that links he will get redirected to the original Website and company will identify you by your tracking ID.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that:

  1. If someone clicks on your links Cookies get injected I the browser and if he decided to buy the products after some days you will still get the commission. Generally, major companies provide cookie period of 60

  3. You don’t need to invest money to become an affiliate.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:

Diving into affiliate marketing is an easy task. But your real test will be to get clicks on affiliate links and generate sales.

Many newbie bloggers fail to generate their sales because they are not able to get targeted visitors.

If you are placing links and banners randomly and hoping someone will click on them and they will purchase something.

If you are doing so you are relying on a matter of probability.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way. You have to build trust. Your readers will buy through your affiliate links if you provide best quality products and service.

Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing Blog Successfully:

1. Find your Niche:

Find Your Niche - Starting Affiliate Marketing In blogging, niche refers to interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. In simple language, niche means a topic that interests you and about which you write your posts.

Selecting a right niche is very important in blogging. By right niche, I mean topics about which you are passionate.

For instance, if like reading about latest technologies then technology can be your niche and if you like SEO and want to learn more about it you can select SEO as your niche.

Especially if you are a beginner and you selecting a niche just because it is profitable and you don’t have interest in it then forget about it.

It’s going to be very tough for you. Focus on that niche which is comfortable for you.

2. Start Blog/Website:

How to Start Affiliate Marketing - Start BlogAfter selecting a good blogging niche you have to create a blog/website on which you will promote affiliate products.

There are many free blogging platforms (Blogger, Tumblr) on which you can start for free.

But most of the affiliate network does not support free blogging platform and also there is no guarantee of safety of your blog and content. they can delete your blog and content anytime.

So I recommend you to start your blog with Self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress is one of best blogging platforms and it is also good for affiliate marketing.
WordPress provides thousands of themes and plugins which will reduce your work and gave professional look to your blog.

3. Create content:

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing  - Create ContentOnce you have started your blog next step is to create quality content. Your content will decide are you going to survive in blogging field or not.

You have to create content that would be helpful, easy to understand and that people love to share.
During creating content you can’t ignore SEO (search engine optimization). SEO help you to rank higher in search engines.

Keyword research is a part of SEO strategy. If you want to increase affiliate sale you have to find the buyer intent keywords with low competition.

Buyer intent keywords are the most converting type keywords.

People use those keywords to search products online before purchasing something. If you are able to find those keywords and rank your blog post for those keywords then you are half done.

Here are some examples of buyer intent keyword:
Cheapest [product name] (online)
Cheapest price for [product name]
Coupon code for [product name]
Coupon for [product name]



4. Find right affiliate products/networks:

After creating content you have to found the right affiliate products and networks for your blog.
Right products mean products that are related to your Niche.If you are in tech Niche and you are promoting health products.

If you are in Tech Niche and you are promoting health products that are not going to work.

You have to promote tech related products. You can make use of Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. They provide tech related stuff and also you can promote web hosting and WordPress products.

How to find affiliate program of a company/product?

If you are using a product and you want to sign-up for their affiliate program then just write:
“company name + affiliate”
For instance, “Mythemeshop Affiliate”

5. Promote your content:

Promoting your content is as important as creating content. You have to promote your content shamelessly.
But by promoting content I am not saying you should start spamming your blog link everywhere.

You can promote your content on social media sites (facebook, twitter) and question answering sites(Quora, Yahoo Answer). You can also take part in forums.

Email marketing is another best option to promote your content. You should start capturing the email address of your readers from day one.

Because your Email subscribers are your target audience. They will sign-up only when they are interested in your content and there are chances your readers will buy the products and service you provide.

6. Build Trust:

Build Trust - Affiliate MarketingTrust is very important in every field of life and the same thing applies in the online world.
You have noticed that before buying anything online most of the people read reviews. So don’t write anything that will deceive your readers.

If you want to build trust then “You have to be honest with yourself and also with your readers
Always write the correct reviews, promote products which are actually good. Not promote products just because they are giving high commission.

You can start with products which you are using. If you want to promote the products which you are not using right now, you can ask from people who are using it.

You can ask the company directly for the review copy of the product.

Not promote products just because of high commission rates.

Final Words:

Affiliate marketing could be the good source of income. But not think it as getting rich overnight scheme.

Affiliate marketing can work for you if keep learning and experiment new things.

Here are some tips that will help to increase your affiliate sales:

  • Promote Quality Products
  • Promote Discounted Offers
  • Be Honest
  • Recommend products which you are using
  • Optimize your popular content for affiliate sale
  • Create Resource/Tools page

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