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5 Reliable and trusted Cloud Storage providers for safe data storage online

Storing your important data online is the best way to keep a backup files online. We can lose our data on our mobile devices or even computers because of various reasons. The reason can be hardware damage or software damage. Only in some rare cases we can recover data files from our devices but at most of the times we lose them. So it’s an easy and safe way to save your files on online with any cloud storage providers which you think is reliable for storing your important files.

Now days we are surrounded with many cloud storage companies online that are providing their basic services for free. In this post I am going to share some of them best cloud storage services providers that you can use. But before this just discuss – What is cloud storage?

What is Cloud Storage?

Like the name Cloud Storage suggest it’s a data storage model where you store you data online for a backup. In physical storage your data can be lost by physical damage to your hard drive or other storage devices but in cloud storage your data will be stored on two or three different cloud locations. You can access your data files from anywhere anytime, that’s the best and most beneficial advantage of cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Providers:


Google Drive:

Its free and one of the best cloud storage providers. Google Drive provides 15GB free space for storage which is far better than most of the cloud storage companies. It provides support for all types of files (Images,videos, MS Doc, PDF etc.). To access Google Drive you just need a Gmail ID, when you are logged in to your Gmail account click on Google Apps icon and find Google Drive there in list and click on icon to visit. This will take you to your account. Or to access Google Drive directly go to and log in with your Gmail Id. Once you are logged in, you can see and upload your files there.

Free Space: 15MB
Advantages: Can access Google Drive with Gmail and support for all types of files.
Visit Website: Google Drive

Drop Box:

Drop Box is well known name in one of the cloud storage providers. This provides you 2 GB free storage space. It’s not much if we compare this with other free online data storage providers like Google Drive. But Drop Box is known for its simple and trusted file synchronization. To increase your free storage space you can use its referral programs where you can increase you storage space by referring your friends.
Drop Box - Cloud storageYou will get 500MB more space on each referral. And 125MB free data space if you connect your account with Facebook and Twitter.

Free Space: 2GB
Advantages: Can increase free storage space by referring friends.
Visit Website: Drop Box

One Drive:

One Drive - cloud storage providers - Thakur BloggerA product by Micro Soft which allows you to store data online, One Drive gives you 5MB free storage space. It’s easy and reliable to use. You can increase your storage space to 50GB just for 1.99$/month. And the other way to increase your storage space is the same one like Drop Box referral programs. One Drive also do have referral programs where it will give you 500MB more space for every referral.

Free Space: 5 GB
Advantages: Referral programs and easy to use
Visit Website: One Drive


Degoo - best free cloud services providers - Thakur BloggerIt’s a new online storage service provider but offer highest free 100GB could storage space. It provides completely secure, reliable and easy to use system. Capability of providing 100GB free space to its users is its biggest advantage on other Cloud Storage service providers. To start with Degoo you need to create an account there. You can sign up with you Gmail account, so you don’t need to create new login credentials for this, can use same Gmail credentials. Taking a backup of deleted files for next 14 days is the best feature of Degoo and the days will increase to 60 in premium account. Degoo isn’t available for iOS right now.

Free Space: 100GB
Advantages: Maximum free storage space, backup for deleted files and Gmail login support
Visit Website: Degoo

Just Cloud:

Just cloud - Cloud storage services providersJust Cloud is another company that’s making name in top cloud storage providers by providing quality services. Just Cloud allows you 15 GB free online storage space that can be increased up to 250GB by purchasing its premium plans. But in free account 15GB is enough for taking backup for your important files by saving them online. It’s easy to use and provide you fast upload and download speed. Jus cloud provides support for all kind of files (images, audio,video, text files etc.), devices and operating systems.

Free Space: 15GB
Advantages: Fast Upload and download speed, support for all devices and operating systems
Visit Website: Just Cloud

Please let me know if you are using any other Cloud Storage provider. Don’t forget to give your feed back in comment section below.

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