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6 Less Known SEO Strategies to Rank Higher on Search Engines

I know many Bloggers are facing lot of issues with indexing & ranking of your blog content in Search Engines like Bing and Google. If you are a new blogging bee then you should know What is SEO , Link Building Techniques & then the Blogging Strategies.
If you are not following the SEO Marketing Strategies for your online blog presence then you are doing a blunder mistake. If you are using all my strategies, I guarantee that this SEO marketing strategies will definitely help you and your blog with extreme changes in rankings and provide some good automatic organic traffic from all search engines.
If you are a Affiliate Marketer, you will get lot of sales which may turn you into millionaire if you’ve a better ranking website/blog.

Top SEO Ranking Strategies to Rank Blog in Google, Bing etc:


Step 1: Always Define Target Audience & Interests of your Audience:

Basically targeting audience involves determination of age, gender, needs and their geographical locations. Needs are just the interested content in your blog by maximum audience. Actually the main two reasons behind to start with the audience needs are: Content Strategy & Targeted Keyword Discovery.

Content Strategy:
Suppose I am having a health blog with useful health tips and methods. But my view is all about concentration on Senior Citizens – those are my targeting visitors I am focusing. So I write information mostly on the drug prescriptions of Senior Citizens.

Targeted Keyword Discovery:
Targeted Keyword Discovery is nothing but Doing Keyword Research Based on the User interests . I will proceed with the analytics of my blog. This allows me to get lot more targeted users in which I can have more sales, clicks on ads etc…

This content Strategy and the Targeted Discovery of Keywords is beyond the SEO Practices.

Step 2: Keyword Research to Optimize Normal Blog to SEO Optimized Blog:

If you want to research keywords and the analytics of keywords, you need a Keyword Research Tools like Keyword Discovery tool or WordTracer tool, But I will recommend you to use Google Keyword Planner because it is free of cost and easy to use like the premium keyword tools.

Know How to collect keywords from keyword tools to get awesome traffic for your blog:

  • Go to Google Adwords Tool by surfing in the Google
  • Login with your email and password provided by the Google
  • Type a Keyword in the Keyword Search Query which will be available on your screen now after following the above steps. Now you will get Several Keywords and it’s analytics , settings to get a better keyword for a blog.
  • After Choosing keyword , list out in your excel sheet all the keywords names and the traffic volume for that keyword. That’s all what you have to do.

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Step 3: Finding Opportunities & the Competition Vacancy:

Writing articles based on the Competition Vacancy niche and Keyword will definitely rank fastly than all the other strategies.

Competition Vacancy: The Niche / Keyword which has huge search volume and less competition is the only thing you have to concentrate first. It will definitely increase your page views on your articles by increasing the organic traffic to your blog.

Finding Opportunities: Finding the Better Niche and Keyword for any blog / article will make you and your blog so popular. It is really helpful to enrich the organic traffic to any blog so fast.

Step 4: Defining Competitors – Researching the Competitor Keywords:

In order to define competitors, You have to Google the Same niche words like yours. Then go that competitor website and then see how interesting their content is and then type the competitor website in your Google Keyword Planner Platform if you like the website. You will get all the keywords what they are using . Then decide which are the good keywords to write the articles or to get more popularity but don’t choose any keyword which is having large number of search results and competition.

Step 5: Learning from the Competitors:

You have to learn the way how a pro blogger explains any content and attracting huge amount of referral traffic with their existing users. So always be forward to learn the new way of writing styles for your content by following the Blogging competitors.

Step 6: Developing Backlinks:

Having at least one backlink for a low competition will make your article content to be at the top of the Google Pages . By commenting on blogs , Social Media Sharing , Guest Postings you will get backlinks for your website to rank in Google at the top of the first page.
Coming to the Conclusion , listed SEO Stratagies are the most effective ways to make your web blog so popular. These strategies will enrich the Google rankings of any blog.
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