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Best SEO tips for beginners | SEO optimization guide

Everyone who are planning or started his/her blog or website must focus on SEO tips and techniques for better results of your efforts that you put into building a blog, don’t waste your effort. SEO is very important part, when we talk about promoting blog online, traffic and search rank of our blog. It’s an essential part of a blog development that you should follow, and please avoid black hate SEO practice. Google is now very strict about unethical (Black hate) SEO, so for best results do follow white hate or ethical SEO techniques.
Now I am going to share some white hate SEO techniques that give your blog a boost to rank on top of the Search Engines (like Google, Bing and yahoo) and give organic traffic to your blog.
[h]Optimize Your Post’s Title:[/h]
Title of your post should be optimized not only because Google read this, but also when Google rank your blog on search result page title is the first thing that user see. If your title is not attractive and well optimized, users never come to your blog.
A title should contain your focus keyword, so that Google can rank your blog for that keyword result and title should be written in an attractive way that can attract users to your blog.
[h]Keyword Density:[/h]
For good results use your keyword in your content with good density rate. Try to put your focus keyword in first paragraph of your post. 3 to 4% is a good keyword density rate, means if your post has around 500 words than your keywords should be used between 16 to 20 times in your post.
[h]Image Optimization:[/h]
Google and other search engines provide image search option that gives an edge to get rank well image search. Many people thing that images are used only to make blog attractive but if optimize your blog’s image with SEO, so images are also give you better rank is search results. I also used to post images without optimizing alt tag and title tag of images, but now I know the value of image optimization.
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[h]Use SEO friendly URL:[/h]
Always try to use SEO friendly URL, use short and Google readable and understandable URLs. Try to use your keyword in URL so that Google can understand, about what your page is? Keep URL length 4 to 5 worlds.
[h]Heading tag:[/h]
Use h1 to h6 heading tags in your post for headings. Make proper use of your headings by putting your primary and secondary keywords in headings. Make sure that you don’t use h1 tag more than one time in a single post.
[h]Keyword Research[/h]
Before writing any blog post try to send some time in keyword research to get keywords ideas to use in your blog posts and Google keyword planner is free tool which can show few important traffic statics for that particular keyword.
These were some SEO techniques that you should follow. I hope these SEO techniques will help you to get best out of your blog and website. Please don’t forget to give your feedback in comment section below. 🙂

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