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Share PowerPoint Presentation Online – Make Most Out of It

Few months back I started creating some PowerPoint Presentations on the topics that I have blogged about. And started sharing these presentations on online PPT sharing sites so what these PPT sharing sites did was they helped me to create backlinks for my blog. And also when you share powerpoint presentation on these sites it rank your presentation on search engines for related query searches.
If you haven’t used PowerPoint presentations for creating backlinks for your blog then this is the time for you to start doing this. Here in this post I will be sharing with you; How to share presentation online? – What else you can do with presentations to help your blog grow & drive traffic?

Where to Share PowerPoint Presentation?

There are many good authority websites online that allow you to share presentations for free. It’s important to share presentation on good and quality websites. These sites will help you to get backlinks and drive traffic to your blog. And if you share presentation online on low quality sites then this will not help you much, will be just waste of time for you. So be careful on choosing websites for PPT submission. I have already shared a post where I have listed top 25 quality sites that allow you to share presentation online for free of cost you can try out these sites.
Or you can try out searching sites online by yourself.

How to Share Presentations Online (step by step):

Most of the presentation sharing websites has the same process for sharing presentations. You have to create an account first & then you can upload presentation there. While uploading presentation it will ask you for title, short description and keywords etc so prepared them before starting uploading presentation. This will help you to save you’re your time.
After uploading you can also share your presentation on your Social Media accounts.

Allow viewers to download your presentation.

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Share PowerPoint Presentation Online Make Most Out of It:

Simple way to share powerpoint online is the one I have already told you above which is sharing PPT slide on online PPT sharing sites.

But if you wanna make the most out of your well designed presentation then you can try out some other ways too like converting powerpoint presentation in to video and then sharing it as video. This will allow you to target more audience now and you will get results that you deserve for your efforts that you have put in.
Share PowerPoint Presentation Online  - Where To Share PowerPoint Online

Convert Presentation to Video:

There are many tools available that can convert you PowerPoint Presentation to video by just one click. Once you have converted it to video then you can share it on your Youtube channel and to other video sharing websites. To make video more informative or attractive you can also try out editing it yourself before sharing it online. I am saying that because when you convert PPT slide to video it is just simple video without any sound or effect. Editing can give it a makeover that most of the time videos require.

Convert Presentation to PDF:

Again PDF is also another good option for converting presentation and sharing it online. You can also share PDF files of your presentation on your website and on online PDF sharing sites. PDF format is most commonly used for converting Word document files but also can be very productive for converting PPT slides too.

Upload to LMS:

LMS (Learning Management System) provides online classes, training & learning programs so it gives you an option to share your PowerPoint presentation there. Online LMS portals provide features like feedback and statistics for your slide too, so this will help you to get to know How much helpful your work is for people or viewers.

What Are The Advantages of Sharing PowerPoint Online?


Exchange Your Business Details:

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation online give you an option to share your business information and details with your potential clients.

Get Quality Backlinks for Free:

I am continuously saying this that sharing PowerPoint presentation online give you a link back to your website. And we all know having high quality Backlinks can increase your organic traffic.

Drive Traffic for Blog:

Help you in driving traffic to your website. I have seen that if you share powerpoint presentation to top most websites like it rank your slide on search engines for too.

Product Awareness:

Sharing more information online give you an extra edge over your competitors, you can reach out to more customers online and can create product awareness about your business. Also help you to get connected with your future customers.
This is how I have used my PowerPoint Presentations to increase my website traffic and also for creating Backlinks. Still there can be other more effective ways that can be used for PPT slide sharing if you know any please do share with us through comments.

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