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10 Awesome WordPress Social Media Plugins

Today, everyone is using Social Media sites for different purposes. Some is using to be connected with their friends & family, some to be updated with current affairs and some to promote their business. Social media has become a most powerful network to connect with people from across the world. It’s an important platform for bloggers to promote their blogs and drive traffic to their blog. There are many wordpress Social Media Plugins which can help you to add social media share and follow buttons on your blog. These social media buttons will allow blog readers to share blog posts on social media networks.
These plugins provide access to all most popular social media networks. WordPress have both paid and free Social Media Plugins, it’s up to you which type of plugin you want to use for your blog. We have shared some wordpress Social Media Plugins in this post. You can try these plugins for your blog. 🙂

Floating Social Media Icon

Floating Social Media icon is a plugin which makes social media icons to appear automatically on your blog. You can put social media icons in sidebars. Plugin also provides a short-code to display social media icons in pages and where you wants to display.

Floating social media plugins | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features:

  • Multiple Social Media widgets support
  • Short code support
  • Can display icons in content
  • Icons size selection support

Type: Free

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is lightweight social media plugin which allow you to add social media sharing & follow buttons on your blog. This plugin provides access to all major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flicker etc.

Wordpress Social Media Feather plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features:

  • Social Media share buttons for your post
  • Icons can be customized
  • Supports all major social media sites

Type: Free

Social Media & Share Icons

Social media plugin which allow you to add icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc to your blog. Also allow you to upload your own custom icons. Social media & share icon provides you 16 different design of social media icons and supports over 200+ social media sites.

Social media share icons wordpress Plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Feature:

  • 16 different icon designs
  • Able to make icons float and sticky
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to blog
  • Several actions on Social Media icons (Share & Like or Follow)

Type: Free

Ultimate Social Media icons plus

This wordpress Social Media Plugin icon plus is totally free and gives you more functions to use. Allow you to add all major Social networking sites icon in your blog sidebar, posts and in pages.

Social media icon Plus wordpress Plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Feature:

  • Place icons in homepage
  • Add count to icons
  • Display pop-up on all or on selected pages

Type: Free & Paid

Free Social Media icons:

This plugin allow you to connect with your blog readers via Social media and Email. Free Social Media icons plugin is very easy to use in comparison to other plugins. This plugin supports all most used social networking sites and have 40+ default icon designs.

Plugin Features:

  • 40+ icon designs
  • Allow to upload your own icon design

Type: Free

Social Media Widget by Acurax

Social Media Widget by Acurax one of the most simple wordpress plugin that allow you to link your social media profiles with social media icons on blog. This plugin provides 20+ icon styles for you to choose from.

Social Media Widget by Acurax | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features:

  • 20+ icon styles
  • Multiple Social Media widgets support
  • Drag & drop recorded icons
  • Allow to resize social media icons

Type: Free

Social Media Widget

Social Media widget is a simple social media plugin which allow using social media icons in the sidebar. This plugin provides support to all social media networking sites including Email and RSS and have 4 different sizes of icons.

Social Media widget wordpress plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features:

  • 4 different sizes of icons
  • Allow to align icons in sidebars
  • Allow to arrange icons order

Type: Free

Social Media Badge widget

Social Media Badge widget plugin allows creating and displaying social media badges on your blog’s sidebar in an elegant way. Badges display the information of an accordion.

Social Media Badge widget wordpress plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features:

  • Ability to make accordion all collapsible and load with the section closed
  • 2 different icon styles colour and gray
  • Select accordion section to open a page load

Type: Free & Paid

Social Media icon widget

Social media icon widget is another wordpress social media plugin as like other in this list. It allows users to add social media share and follow icons on blogs and customize those icon size and colour. Plugin provide support to all major social networking sites.

Plugin Features:

  • Hover animation effect on icons
  • Customizable icon designs
  • Support for major social networking sites

Type: Free

Responsive Social Share

It is a lightweight wordpress social media plugin which allow user to add social media share buttons in the blog post and pages. Responsive Social Share have drag and drop interface to control the order of social media share icons.

Responsive share icon wordpress plugin | Thakur Blogger

Plugin Features::

  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Floating share buttons
  • Lightweight plugin

Type: Free Paid
There are many other WordPress Social Media Plugins available on which can do the same job for you. Hope this article has helped you to finding out a good Social Media Plugins for your blog. Please give your feedback in comments below. Have fun & Keep smiling 🙂


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